The thought to move, at times, can be as simple as a fleeting thought; a knee-jerk reaction to a small annoyance. Other times though, it can be motivated by real, valid reasons. Whether those reasons include a lack of space, a gruelingly long commute, or too much distance from family and loved ones, sometimes it’s just time to move on. Here are four tell-tale signs that you should consider beginning your search for a new home.

You and yours have outgrown your home

Families change and grow in all sorts of ways all the time. Everything from bringing home a new baby (or two) and kids growing bigger to a grandparent moving in can mean that your current place just simply isn’t big enough anymore. Conflict over space and privacy can quickly grow old, and practical considerations like parking spots and closet space can lead to full family feuds. Transitioning into a larger space for your family is sure to decrease stress levels and create a more pleasant living environment for everyone.

Your home has outgrown you

The opposite problem is also a possibility. As kids get older and eventually leave home, empty nesters are often left with a hard-to-manage amount of space without the helping hands that there used to be. Having some extra space for guests is always great, but an unreasonable amount can require a lot of upkeep. It may no longer be necessary to foot the bill of the larger, more expensive property. In addition, moving into a smaller home more fitted to the two of you will undoubtedly make your home less empty and more cozy and welcoming for the kids and grand kids when they come back to visit.

Your commute is just too much

Every person has a different tolerance for commuting. Some really don’t mind having the time to themselves before their day begins and time to wind down on their way home. But an especially long and unruly commute can quickly become a huge source of stress and a barrier to spending quality time with your family. This is not to mention the expenses associated with gas and general wear-and-tear on your vehicle as a result. Move to place closer to work can make life a whole lot easier – and cheaper too!

You’re craving a change in scenery

There are always compromises to make when you choose a place to live. The weather may not be the best, for example, but you get to enjoy a spacious home close to your job with good schools nearby. As that balance shifts – you’re in a good position to look for a new job, your kids finish up their time in public school – you shouldn’t be afraid to look for a new place to live. A change, especially when it involves addressing something that you haven’t enjoyed about living in your current home, can be very positive.

There are always compromises you’re willing to make when choosing a new place to live. For example, the weather may not be perfect, but the spacious home only two miles from work makes it all worthwhile. But oftentimes, this balance eventually shifts, and you find yourself searching for the upsides. You may find yourself in a great position to search for a new, more fulfilling job, or your kids are interested in other schooling options. Change isn’t always easy, but it can be so good. Sometimes a change of scenery is all we need to feel fresh and excited again about what is to come!

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