8 Packing Tricks to Keep You Organized

Here are 8 tips and tricks from A. Arnold KC Moving to make your packing experience easier.

1. Free Boxes?

Ask your local grocers if they have any extra boxes up for grabs. Some stores have specific days of the week they receive orders and throw away mass amounts of the very cardboard boxes you need.

2. Declutter NOW

So you’re faced with the task of packing up ALL of your belongings! What more perfect time than now to declutter? Use this time to choose what you truly need and what you don’t. As this can be a difficult process of letting go, it may be helpful to create three piles: “keep,” “donate or trash,” and “maybe” piles. At the end of your packing, put everything remaining in the “maybe” pile in it’s own box, and when you’re in your new place, if it goes untouched for a month, it’s likely you can do without! (And don’t forget to store away those seasonal items!)

3. Pack a “First Stay” Box

Forget to do this and you’ll find yourself hastily rummaging through several different boxes on your first night, likely making a mess in the process. Include your toiletries, a change of clothes, and any other of your morning routine supplies.

4. Make an Hourly Schedule

It might sound like micromanagement, but you may find it to be exactly what you need to keep you focused and motivated during your packing process. For example, from 3:00 to 4:00 schedule “kitchen packing,” and “clothes packing” from 4:00 to 5:00. Frequently changing your focus will prevent some of the overwhelm and monotony that come with this task.

5. The Ol’ Trash Bag Trick

To simplify moving your wardrobe, leave all your clothes on their hangers in just the order you’d like them to be unpacked in your closet-to-be. Use kitchen trash bags to wrap around them while still hung! This keeps them easily consolidated and organized. Don’t forget to label!

6. Save Space– Use the Drawers!

Instead of unpacking all of the contents of your drawers– dresser drawers, desk drawers, etc.– leave them be! Wrap them instead and save yourself a few boxes. If not constructed of wood, use tape to secure them closed. Otherwise, plastic wrap is an alternative, wood-safe option. If you are concerned about the contents being loose in transport, use newspaper to stuff into any free space. This will keep your belongings still and secure.

7. Pack By Room

Be sure to keep items from different rooms in separate boxes. When you decide to unpack, it’ll save you some time, effort, AND sanity.

8. Bolts, Nuts, and Screws, Oh My!

When dismantling furniture, an organized place for these small, easily lost pieces is vital. Buy a pill organizer from any convenience store to keep these safe and organized. Most of the time, you can find one for less than $2. You’ll find it to be well worth it.

All packed up and need some more help? Call your local relocation company, A. Arnold KC Moving!