Unlike shifting your home, moving an entire office may be an extremely complicated task. There is a lot of sensitive information, belongings and needed organization. You cannot afford to miss even the slightest of the details while relocating your office to a new place.

This guide can help you in making your job easy.

  1. Fix a budget incorporating emergency expenses and refreshments for all the people involved in relocation
  2. Inform your landlord well in advance in the case that you are currently renting
  3. Keep lists including specific objects, their placement and quantity
  4. Keep the blueprints of the new office space in handy for placement upon arrival.
  5. Get the help of professionals
  6. Assign a person to inform the clients about the change of address.
  7. Clear all your bills.
  8. Go through all the permits, paperwork, insurance, agreements, etc.
  9. Host warming or a farewell party.
  10. If you are moving to a new city or a country then list out the employees who are shifting with you. Send out posting for jobs to fill in the vacancies at the new office.
  11. Make a list of all the major utility contact numbers such as the plumbers, electricians, etc.
  12. Ensure you erase all the security codes at the old office and set new codes at the new office.
  13. Cross-check the whole premises before you leave.
  14. Make arrangements for the installation of electrical and IT appliances as you move in.

Organization and good planning are everything when relocating your office. Remove some of the stress during the huge process of office transition by hiring professional movers who have performed this kind of task many times over