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The moving experience is sometimes stressful, sometimes pleasant, but always a busy time. Usually people move for work-related reasons so a lot of attention is focused on the new job, new schools, and new neighbors. But being in a new town or big city is usually a time of real adjustment because everything is unfamiliar. Therefore, we suggest you get familiar with people, places, and things as soon as possible! Most people are happy to new neighbors and businesses are certainly happy to receive new customers.

Kansas City Movers A. ArnoldIt may not happen as much as it did in days gone by, but a wonderful American custom has been to welcome new neighbors with a knock on the door and something to eat. If no one does this for you, however, we recommend you do it for them! It might catch them off guard, but it will certainly make an impression if you pick up a couple pies from the local market and deliver them to your two nearest neighbors. It’s a way to say “hello, I’m happy to be here!”

People appreciate being asked for advice, because it makes them feel needed, so ask your new neighbors who has the best pizza, where is a good dentist, and where can you go for a manicure or a haircut? Go to garage sales in the area, even if you don’t plan to buy anything. It’s a great way to meet people.

Next, introduce yourself to business owners and tell them you’re new to the area. They’ll probably be very happy to have your business and work hard to keep it.

Improve yourself – A new home in a new time is a great time to do something you’ve wanted to but put it off. Maybe you have wanted to get involved in a yoga class or to play tennis. Perhaps you have wanted to start going to church or join a political organization. America was built on people getting involved in their communities and working to make life better for everyone.

From a mental and emotional perspective, many people have a difficult time handling a major move and they don’t adjust well. Often they will be far away from family and friends that have been their support system for years. If this happens to you, look for a counselor or psychologist for help. It works.

Moving is particularly tough on some children and an article in Psychology Today offers some good information.

A. Arnold Kansas City Movers

A. Arnold has been moving people to homes in new cities and towns for many years. We do our very best to make the sure the move goes without a hitch because we understand that our customers have a lot on their mind. If you would like a quote for your move we would be happy to respond to your inquiry with a reasonable price. Call 913-829-8267