Getting help from your friends or family members for moving might as well be considered a tradition. Whether you decide to hire professional movers or you take more of a do-it-yourself approach, there are few more justified times to call on those closest to you for assistance during your move.

When asking for support during moving, it’s helpful to try and make the experience more manageable for all involved by trying to predict any obstacles and by rewarding valuable assistance. Bare this advice in mind when recruiting help.

Give plenty of notice.

One common downfall of this narrative is a hectic, last-minute request from friend to friend for help moving a disorganized home that requires hours and hours of hard labor. If you plan to bring outside help into your move, be sure you are conscientious of what you are asking and whether or not your request is reasonable.  

Make sure you ask for help well ahead of time instead of the day, or even week, before. This will serve to avoid the last-minute pressure of a last-minute request, and it will increase the likelihood that people will be willing and available to help.

Just as you should plan ahead when making requests for help with your move, it’s also important to plan ahead of time the types of tasks each person will be able to help you with. Try to avoid handing off all of the most difficult jobs while you’re only lifting the lightest items. Clever trick, but it won’t go unnoticed by your unpaid help. Try to make sure the loads are even. 

Try to keep a time limit in mind. It is easy to get lost in the long process of packing, loading, and unloading. But asking your friends or family to participate in that whole, continuous process may be too much to ask. Consider splitting the work into manageable chunks of time so you and your helpers have breaks and time for things going on in their own lives.

Show them the light at the end of the tunnel.

While agreeing to help a friend move usually doesn’t include any payment for their help, it’s only good practice to reward their generosity once the job is done. This doesn’t have to break the bank either. This could be anything from buying the group pizzas to offering gift cards to their favorite coffee joint.

This is just another chance to express your sincere gratitude for the time and hard work that your friends or family have freely provided. Offering some kind of token of your gratitude shows that you’re a thoughtful, reasonable friend who doesn’t make heavy requests without offering a little something in return.

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