Climate-controlled storage units are used for storing expensive items or items that are sensitive to the environment. These units are often indoor and the humidity and the temperature levels are kept stable. Climate controlled storage is especially beneficial if you are storing valuable items for a long duration. In this case, valuables will be stored in a far more protective environment.

Moving to a region that has extreme climate conditions such as high humidity, excessive precipitation or if your home does not have air conditioning then then climate-controlled storage may be more beneficial. The general rule is if items are kept in a temperature between 90 degrees to 32 degrees then climate-controlled storage is the best thing to opt for.

Extreme heat can warp or melt items such as DVDs, vinyl records, and CDs. It can also harm wooden furniture causing the wood to expand which can develop cracks in the furniture.

Extreme cold temperatures can affect your items adversely through the absorption of moisture causing them to crack, contract, and expand in the cold.

Extreme humidity can make your items a breeding place for harmful organisms like bacteria, mold, mildew, and unwanted tiny pests.

Fortunately, there is a solution that can put your mind at ease in all of these or other situations and more.  Climate-controlled storage units consist of a clean and dry environment for the safe keeping of your climate sensitive belongings.

What items can you store

If the items that you want to store are very sensitive to extreme temperatures and/or have high sentimental value then storing in a climate-controlled unit is recommended. Some of the items that need to be stored in climate-controlled units are wooden items, electronic items, media such a cd’s, records or vinyls, wine, fabrics especially lace or leather, metal or wicker, photographs and paper documents that are important.

If you are just not sure if your next destination is safe or permanent for your belongings then consider climate-controlled storage. Save your memories, your costly acquisitions and valuable documents in a safe place. Take time to settle in and find that added assurance while your belongings are kept in a clean and secure climate-controlled environment.