Moving in Kansas City

People cherish their possessions, and they should. Many items are fragile and passed from generation to generation, they are literally priceless because they can’t be replaced. When moving time comes, it’s time to gather as many newspapers together as possible, or maybe bubble wrap and pack things as carefully as possible so the precious items will make the trip in one piece.

When the boxes are opened, however, there are often sad surprises to be found. Broken mementos and shattered crystal greet people because while they may have used tons of packing material, it wasn’t used properly.

Here are some tips to help all your belongings make the trip safely:

  1. Use strong boxes. Many cardboard boxes are flimsy and when they bump against a wall or hit the floor, they give way. Boxes with very this, rigid cardboard cost a bit more but they are theMoving in Kansas City ones that should be used for expensive and fragile items. The corners of boxes in particular have a tendency to collapse inward and cause damage to content.
  2. Don’t overload boxes. A single box should never be more than 50 pounds. Any box dropped on the floor can fail and cause damage to contents.
  3. Pack things wisely. Did you know that an expensive tablet like an iPad, if packed right next to a large stereo speaker, can be damaged by the magnet in the speaker? Now you do.
  4. Fragile items like platters, plates, and framed pictures should be triple-wrapped and placed on their edge. Lampshades and flower arrangements should be packed alone with room above them in the carton. Electronic devices like notebooks and tablets can be destroyed internally by exposure to magnetic fields when packed with speakers.
  5. Liquids like water, drinks, and cleaners shouldn’t be packed.
  6. Food should never be mixed with chemicals.
  7. Where you pack is important. If you’re packing on a high surface and there is a tile floor below, you may drop things and break them before they ever make it into the box!
  8. Wrap heavy items in bubble wrap and place them at the bottom of boxes, lighter items on top surrounded by packing peanuts is a good general rule.
  9. Make sure the bottom of the box is thick and strong.

Basically, we urge people to prepare. Have all the strong boxes, tape, scissors, and materials like bubble wrap and packing peanuts. Take your time moving and be very careful on stairs because that’s where most drops happen.

Moving in Kansas City

Of course you could leave the packing to the pros. Our goal for every move we make is to have zero breakage and we do it almost every time. You can rest assured we take pride in our safety record and we treat every box and piece of furniture like it is our own. Of course if something does happen to a customer’s property it is fully insured.

Getting in touch with us is easy. A call to 913-829-8267 will put you in touch with a moving expert who can help you with an estimate and scheduling.