Movers in Kansas City

When you’re sick, you really should visit a doctor. When you have broken water pipes in your home, it’s prudent to call a plumber. Building a birdhouse? That seems like a nice do-it-yourself project. When you move give serious consideration to letting a professional moving company handle the job.

Everyone tries to conserve time and money, but there are some situations where it’s wise to remember that time is money. You may save a few dollars moving yourself but the time you will spend on the endeavor will cost you plenty. Before you tackle any project that is not for recreation you should ask  yourself “what is my time worth?” Probably a lot.

Movers in Kansas CityMoving is not the simple task people often make it out to be. Picking up a few boxes and moving them across town is one thing, but a whole house or apartment full of personal belongings, furniture, clothing, and kitchen & bath items is a major project. And it’s definitely not a recreational activity.

Some of the negatives associated with do-it-yourself moving include:

Heavy Lifting – A piece of furniture is never so heavy as when you have to cart it on a truck, off the truck, and then into your new home. Thousands of people are injured every year trying to lift things they shouldn’t be lifting. Often, very serious injuries happen.

Accidents – Not only is it common for people to damage or destroy their own furniture and property trying to move it, they often wreck other property. Glass windows and doors in particular are very prone to crack and shatter when hit by pieces of furniture. One broken glass door can wipe out the money you expected to save by doing it yourself.

Delays – Do-it-Yourself movers often run behind schedule. If you’re supposed to be out of one home and into a new home on a specific date you might be penalized for not meeting deadlines.

Unexpected Problems – Almost every move we have made has something come up that was not in the plan. Sometimes a doorway at the new home is too narrow to fit a piece of furniture. Professionals know how to handle it, amateurs usually don’t.

Movers in Kansas City

In summary: If you take the time to look at the cost of your time, the risk of problems popping up, and the real costs of moving yourself, you’ll probably see it’s a prudent “move” to call an experienced moving company.

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