Budget for a moving can be hugely overwhelming because of all the different aspects of relocation. But dealing with unexpected costs can be hard on your wallet. To avoid the added stress of surprise expenses, don’t forget to incorporate these easy-to-forget expenses.

Supplies for Packing

It used to be much easier than it is now to run up to the local grocery store and pick up some cardboard boxes for packing. But this is becoming less and less common as retail establishments either no longer have them or aren’t allowed to give them out. The silver lining is this: now you’re almost sure to have boxes that are in much better condition than the ones retail stores used to give you. Sturdy boxes keep your belongings safe and make organization easier.

Buying new, durable boxes or containers for your belongings is something you should plan for. Other materials you might consider are packing tape, packing cushions, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or other protective items.


Hiring a professional moving company will make your relocation worlds easier by loading and unloading, and keeping everything safe in the process. If this is something you are considering, call your local Kansas City relocation company, A. Arnold Moving, today to discuss how we can best serve your needs during your move!

Car Care

This is one often overlooked, but something you don’t want to forget if you’re covering a long distance. Breaking down in the middle of your move is the last thing you want to have to deal with, so be sure to have your car inspected, and consider getting a fresh oil change, just to be safe.


Trying to pack and make moving arrangements is nearly impossible with kids running around. Hiring a babysitter to entertain them while you work is an easy solution, though. However, with rates running as much as $12 per hour, you need to consider how many days and hours you can afford to have someone to watch your children.

Have nearby family or friends entertain your kids for a few hours. Even so, as a gesture of appreciation, consider sending a small gift or buying them a meal.

Travel costs

No matter where you’re going, you need to figure travel expenses into your budget – these include gas, airfare, and food stops along the way. Take a few minutes to sit down and figure out how much it will cost you to drive to your location, but don’t forget to take varying gas prices and potential tolls into consideration. Tolls, in particular, can be an issue if you’re not used to dealing with them at home. Map the route you plan to take to your new home and determine if any of the states you’re passing through have fees. This will not only prepare you for the cost, but it will also make you more aware of the tolls as you pass through the state so you don’t miss any. Missing tolls can lead to tickets, and that’s the last thing you want to worry about during your move.

Ready to move but still have questions? Call your local relocation company A. Arnold Moving today, and we’ll be happy to help!