Finding a great roommate isn’t just to serve the purpose of saving money, though. A roommate has to be someone who you can trust to respectfully coexist in the same, sometimes small, space. A good roommate will take responsibility for their share of chores and utility expenses, and will generally be pleasant to be around. On the other hand, a bad roommate, or someone who is simply not a good fit for you, can range from a minor but persistent annoyance to a complete nightmare. Here is some advice for those embarking on a roommate search that will hopefully prevent the nightmarish possibilities!

Create your own roommate

Before you begin your search, here are some factors that should contribute to what we call a “roommate profile.” Your roommate profile should include these pieces of information:

  • What kind of relationship do you want to have with your roommate? Do you want to form a friendship beyond coexisting respectfully, or would you rather not?
  • How clean do you keep your place, and what level of clean, or not clean, will you expect or tolerate from a roommate? (Think dishes)
  • How much noise can you handle without becoming annoyed or frustrated?
  • How tolerant will you be of your roommate’s friends, family, or significant other spending time at your apartment? What guidelines would you like to have surrounding this scenario?

A new roommate doesn’t have to align perfectly with your preferences, but they should at least be someone who is compatible. Have any potential roommate also compile their preferences into a roommate profile, and compare once they are done. Does this person seem like someone who would be a good fit considering your preferences compared to theirs?

The hard part: finding a roommate remotely

Now that you have a basic idea of what you are looking for in a roommate, you can confidently move forward with your search. Here are some strategies when looking for a housemate from a distance:

Use online platforms

Sites like Roomster and exist for this very reason! These platforms allow you to search for a roommate based on a list of characteristics that help determine compatibility. Another resource to consider is Facebook. Facebook will often have pages created for roommate hunting specific to the city or area of your search.

Leverage your existing network

Depending on the destination of your move, you may already have a network of people in your soon-to-be home. It’s worth a shot to spend some time asking around within your circle of people. Asking friends or family for suggestions or people they might know are also looking for a roommate offers a valuable possibility: an endorsement from someone you likely trust.

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