The ideal move involves plenty of advanced notice and the luxury of spreading out the many tasks to be completed over a decent amount of time. But life happens, and some moves need to happen on a much smaller timeline.

If you need to relocate on short notice, whether due to a job opportunity, the need to close quickly on your old home, or your apartment building being sold, it can be quite a shock. This advice will help you keep calm and act purposefully, even if you don’t have much time before your moving day.

Make a plan today!

The one thing every move needs is a plan. While your timeline and the amount of tasks you can reasonably check off your list may be limited, the time you spend making a checklist will definitely pay off. The checklist for a move with plenty of lead time can ideally start as far as two months out, and it provides an in-depth guide to all the considerations you’ll need to make to complete the process. Act as if you did have this timeline available to you. Make this hypothetical to-do list, and then analyze the items to prioritize them from most to least urgent.

One vital thing to keep in mind is any scheduling process that involve another individual or a company to complete, whether it’s hiring professional movers and packers or scheduling utility shutoffs, as soon as possible.

Be ready for the extra work in the short term

Accepting the fact that you’ll have to do more work and sacrifice some nights and weekends in the short term can help you prepare with the right mindset for handling this time-sensitive move. While it’s not ideal and certainly not fun, unfortunately it’s necessary. Plan a nice reward for you and those involved once the move is over, whether it’s a day of rest and relaxation before you start unpacking or a nice dinner out once your movers and packers finish unloading the truck and head out.

But be safe about it!

Working too hard or doing too much in such a short period of time can lead to excess stress or even injury, and that’s the last thing you want to deal with during a move under pressure. When you make your moving plan, make sure you understand your limits. Don’t hesitate to ask friends and family for help when necessary. Packing, helping out with a garage sale, or even keeping an eye on your old home until it is sold or rented to a new tenant are all areas where the people close to you may be willing to pitch in.

Make the move easier by working with professionals

Dependable movers and packers can make any move so much easier. They handle the heavy lifting, making the physical process of moving more manageable. Whether you’re staying in the same state or heading across the country, these professionals can make the big day much less stressful. This is especially important when you’ve had to follow a compact moving timeline and juggle a variety of deadlines in the days and weeks preceding.

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