Being faced with a move across long distances comes with its own unique challenges. It will never be as easy as moving across town or even within the same state. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be more stressful than your average move for you and your family. Here is some advice to consider as you begin to look for a home far away from home.

Here’s the prep work 

Of course in an ideal world, the important decisions when choosing a new home are made in person. You can experience the feel of a house in a way that you just can’t through pictures, descriptions, and even videos. But what you can do is narrow your options as much as possible before you ever need to step foot in your destination city.

In this day and age, the good news is that there are countless tools at your fingertips to make this process much easier. Google maps, for example, is a god-send when it comes to mapping distances from a potential home to critical places like work, school, public transport, or shopping areas. Real estate websites like Zillow or offer a breadth of information about demographics, crime rates, and local school ratings.

The more you know ahead of time and the more specific your housing interests are, the easier and more productive your trip will be when it comes time to physically go look at your options.

Plan ahead for Move to New Home(it pays off)

Beginning to house hunt where you currently live is usually pretty easy and fairly casual. It doesn’t require travel, and most of the time it entails leisurely drives browsing the local areas for rent or sale signs. This is assuming your timeline is fairly long with a lack of pressure. Long distance moves usually don’t offer such casual timelines, so it is important to consider the opposite approach.

Try to carefully construct a list of living options that are of interest to you and your family. This list will functionally serve as your schedule for this scouting trip. It turns out to be very helpful the more detailed you are with this list, even going on to specify the distances and routes between each listing to ensure you’re looking in the most logical sequence.

It is helpful to note that open houses and real estate agents are usually pretty flexible with advanced notice giving you all the more reason to prepare your game plan. 

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