Moving in the winter time has its pros and cons. It’s not within peak moving season, so it can be cheaper and easier to book the moving company you’re most interested in. On the other hand, though, you may have to deal with some uncomfortable weather conditions like freezing temperatures and the full range of winter precipitation possibilities. If you plan to handle your move on your own, this can be a daunting task, but hiring professionals to help you manage the task will make your winter move markedly more pleasant.

Plan According to Layout

Depending on the layout of your new home, different strategies may be more effective for keeping the tracking of mud and snow to a minimum. You may laugh at the visualization of this, but a human chain of movers leading from the truck all the way to the intended destination is a very effective strategy. It prevents tracking and doesn’t allow as much cold air to freely fill your new home.

Another approach is the “cool house, warm room” strategy. This involves turning the heat on low, or even off, and depending on the physical activity of moving to keep you and your movers warm for the time being. Having a designated warm room with a space heater can be essential depending on how extreme the temperatures are, so that there is a space to allow people to warm up if necessary.

These are resourceful ideas to keep in mind, but if you are moving into an apartment complex and your unit isn’t near a main entrance, these may not be of much help. In this case, consider depositing your boxes and pieces of furniture indoors first before doing the long-haul of moving up to your actual unit.

Check on Your Heat and Electricity

Whatever approach you may follow, you’ll be eager to warm up once your work is finished. Moving during milder seasons may not necessarily require heat or electricity immediately upon arrival, but a winter move isn’t always so forgiving. Be sure to confirm with your complex or utilities company that your heat will be available to you as soon as you get there.

Allot Extra Time

Whether you’ve hired or recruited help to get you to your new home, or you’re braving it on your own, make sure you give yourself ample time while considering the possibility of delays due to winter weather conditions.

Let professional movers and packers handle it for you!

Professional movers are prepared to handle a variety of conditions to ensure your move is still accomplished in a clean and organized fashion. To learn more, contact your local Kansas City relocation company, A. Arnold Movers, today!