A crucial, yet often overlooked, part of any move is cutting down on your possessions. Getting down to the core basics of your belongings will not only give you a fresh start to go with your new home, but it will make the move itself much easier and more organized.

Selling and donating certain items are great options in many cases, but some things just need to go right in the trash can (or otherwise be securely disposed of)!

In addition, there is even some potential danger in transporting certain items and other liability concerns from the perspective of any professional movers and packers. All things considered, these are a few things that should be tossed before the big moving day arrives!

Expired food

Your moving truck probably isn’t the best place to keep your perishable food items as they’re not designed with temperature and humidity controls that would be required to keep food safe for eating. As a general rule, it is always good to try and go through all of your groceries leading up to your move, and be prepared to toss or compost whatever is leftover when the day comes. It may be helpful to come up with a meal plan for your final days that incorporates all of the foods that you need to use. 


Houseplants and outdoor potting plants are similar to the perishable food category as they face related issues in transit. The lack of sunlight and ventilation in moving vans and trucks poses a threat to your green foliage. It is a much better option to move any plants in your personal car or gift them to friends or neighbors if too large to move. 

Old medications

In most cases, it is in your best interest to transport your own current medications to avoid any possibility of an event that would prevent your reliable access to them. When it comes to old or expired medications, however, moving is a great time to clean out that medicine cabinet and make sure potentially dangerous or now-useless substances are disposed of properly. There are plenty of options, from drop off locations offered at most Walgreens locations to the FDA’s guide to DIY disposal. 

Paint, gasoline and other non-allowable

Finally, there are a variety of items that are simply too dangerous to transport inside of a moving truck or van. Whether it’s due to the risk they pose to drivers, the vehicle or others on the road, these are just not worth the risk. Here is a specific list, but a general rule of thumb is to consider it a no-go if it is flammable, pressurized, explosive, corrosive, or otherwise poses any major potential danger. 

Disposing of these kinds of items is important before a move. As with most things, you can try to give them away to a friend, neighbor, or relative who might find a use for them. If this is not an option, carefully read the label to find out how to properly dispose of it.

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