Every year, millions of Americans decide that summer is the best time to relocate. A large portion of moves take place between the months of May and August. Many find it easier to move while the kids are on summer break, or maybe you’ve saved up your PTO for a summer hiatus from work. Whatever the case may be, summer is the most popular time among American families to pick up and start over in a new home. Here are some helpful pointers to make your summer move successful.

Get Organized

Decluttering your home and belongings prior to embarking on your move is a vital component to success. It is important to decide now, on the front end, what you need and what you don’t. If it makes it easier, start by packing the essentials. Then, you will be left only with the items that actually require a decision. From there, narrow it down little by little until you’re left with the things that can most likely be donated or sold and never be missed. It’s much easier to complete this step before you move than it is once you’re in your new home.

Host a Garage Sale

Once you’ve decided what you can part with, separate those items into things that have potential to be sold and what doesn’t. Consider hosting a garage sale to get rid of those items. This can be a fun summery way for your family to bond within the moving process while making a few bucks in the process. 

Donate the Rest

After you’ve sold what will sell out of the items from your garage sale, be sure to donate the rest of the belongings to a local charitable organization! These are likely things that you no longer need from which others could somehow benefit. Goodwill and Salvation Army are just a few organizations to consider, but do some research on other less-known local options as well.


If you’d like to keep some of those excess items but would still like to reserve space in your new home, consider investing in a storage space at a local facility. Be sure to evaluate the cleanliness of whatever space you choose so to prevent any damage to those items you are storing. It’s also important to consider things like 24-hour access availability and climate control depending on your specific needs and budget. 

If you and your family are looking to make a move this summer, contact your local Kansas City relocation company, A. Arnold Movers, today!