If you’re prepared for making your big move, more than likely, you’ve invested a lot of time in planning every little detail of your relocation. One detail that’s often overlooked, however, is what to do with all of that leftover food in the fridge or pantry! With more than fifty million Americans living with hunger in the U.S., why not consider donating those food items that could serve to benefit this vulnerable population?

Do an Inventory.

Depending on the details of your move, some food items may be worth keeping. To begin the process of deciding what comes with you and what doesn’t, create an inventory of all the foods in your fridge and pantry. It’ll be much easier this way to sort what you can take with you and what you can’t, as well as what can be donated and what has to be tossed. Separate your inventory list into these categories: perishable items, canned goods, glass bottled items, boxed items, and foods in plastic containers. 

What stays and what goes?

This categorized list will help you plan and set aside foods that should not go to the donation center. Food banks won’t accept all food items. They will most likely have a list of criteria on their website for what can be donated and what can’t. Food banks are most often looking to accept items that will have the most impact for hungry families. Some common criteria include: non-perishable, minimally processed, unprocessed, canned goods, etc. Most essential needs should be listed on their websites as well.

Plan Ahead of Time.

Once you’ve compiled your list of food items to be donated, be sure to address what you plan to keep for your family during the move. Depending on the length and distance of your relocation, you may want to also only consider non-perishables. Or maybe, you’re only moving around the corner, and much of your perishable food can be salvaged. Whatever the case, the objective here is to minimize waste as much as possible. This will help avoid that last-minute panic, tossing everything in sight because it was the last thing you thought of while planning your relocation!

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