Combined moving and storage companies are pretty commonplace, and for good reason: the two needs for each of these services often coincide. Making a move from one place to another can be a complicated process, especially when real estate sales or purchases are involved. There are plenty of scenarios when you may be ready to leave one place, but your next home just isn’t ready yet. In this case, a secure place where you can temporarily store your packed things can be extremely helpful.

Why storage during a move?

Moving companies that also offer storage solutions are specially designed for people who are moving from an older home into their new one. A short-term storage solution offers a way for you to store any amount of your belongings in a safe place during your wait for your destination home to be ready for your move. Oftentimes, these storage units are climate controlled and specifically designed to maintain the condition of your belongings and keep them safe.

How does Storage in Transit make moving easier?

There are lots of different parts of a moving process that may prevent you from being able to fully move into a new home as soon as you’re ready to leave your old one. It could be a legal component, renovations or building delays, or travel or work obligations. The possibilities are endless as to why keeping some or all of your things in storage could make your move so much easier for you and your family. Short-term storage with a moving company makes it easy to plan the delivery process of your things as well, utilizing dependable and trustworthy moving staff once your new home is ready for move-in. This can be a very convenient transition, leaving the extra work and heavy lifting of moving to the experienced professionals.

While this combination may not be completely necessary for everyone or every unique move, at least having the option can be very helpful. Even moves that allow you to go directly from one place to another as soon as you would like to could benefit from a temporary storage solution as you unpack and would like to stay as organized as possible. With your next move, keep storage solutions in mind as an option to aid in your moving process, whatever it may be.

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