As we all find ourselves in the midst of trying and unprecedented times, certain things still require business as usual. Leases have hard end-dates, and you still need shelter. Many who are encountering the challenge of needing to move during this pandemic have been denied an extended lease or any kind of leniency by their property management. Just like those moving out need somewhere to go, so do the tenants who have signed for the upcoming months on that same property. Leasing offices everywhere are between a rock and a hard place looking for options. If you find yourself in a similar situation – moving during quarantine – here are some helpful tips that may serve to make the process a little less complicated.

  • Give yourself more time.

The first piece of advice to consider is this: alot significantly more time than you would under normal circumstances to complete this move from start to finish. Usually, help is much more available than it will be under these conditions, so start planning your packing a month or more in advance. Take it little-by-little. Consider packing one room at a time and starting only with non-essential items. Then, as you get closer to moving day, be sure to have your overnight bag packed with only the things you need until you can begin unpacking in your new home. Yes, this process will likely take much longer, but look at the bright side – with all this time on your hands, you can be much more intentional and organized about your packing instead of chaotically throwing things into bags and boxes the three days beforehand.

  • Rent a moving truck, but drive it yourself!

Many moving companies are still offering their rentals to customers during this time, just not any of the services performed by their moving staff. This means that a truck or van is most likely still an option! But you will likely need to drive it on your own. This serves to prevent staff members from any potential exposure and still allows you to use an essential moving tool. And here’s another bright side to consider: while most everyone else is staying at home thinking of things to do to cure their boredom, you get to go on a mini-moving adventure! 

  • Disinfect to stay healthy.

According to Harvard University’s specialized task force on COVID-19, recent studies have shown that the virus survives for up to 24 hours on cardboard surfaces and up to three days on plastic and stainless steel.  Bearing this in mind, consider disposing of all cardboard moving boxes once you’ve arrived at your new home. Cardboard is known to attract bugs as well, so ridding your home of them sooner will be beneficial, virus or no virus! Don’t forget about plastic and stainless steel surfaces either. Be sure to disinfect those well before bringing them inside to avoid any contamination.

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