The Corona Virus pandemic has disrupted everyday routine both in the United States and across the world. All people are left to do is social distance themselves, but moving isn’t something that can wait. How can you relocate during the pandemic?

Here is a guide on moving during this challenging time to make the moving process smooth.

Is it essential to move?

For most individuals, a relocation date is fixed. If your lease is ending or if you bought or sold a house with an approaching closing date, you must have access to essential services that will enable you to move out. While various states and cities have directed non-essential businesses to be temporarily closed, moving is considered an essential service; hence, most moving companies across the country are operational.

You should note the temporary closure of non-vital services varies from state to state. The directions may be different in your area, so you must do your research first.

If your moving date is not fixed, you should ponder on waiting – particularly if you are in the high-risk category of people who can catch the virus. If you can’t reschedule your move but are disturbed about catching the virus, you can move out with a rental truck or your vehicle.

What Moving Companies Are Doing Differently

Professional local residential and commercial moving services are not taking the pandemic lightly. To this point, Professional Local Movers Olathe have put in place the following moving measures:

  • Obeying local and state recommendations on sanitization and social distancing
  • Providing estimates through virtual surveys
  • Continuously sanitizing equipment and truck
  • Wearing gloves and masks
  • Keeping moving trucks stocked with sanitizers

Moving Measures during the Pandemic

Here are some tips that will help make your relocation as safe as possible during this difficult time.

Preparing for the move

You must have a plan during your relocation, especially during the pandemic. To prepare for a move in the middle of a pandemic:

  • Contact your moving company to confirm your move is still on and be on the same page about the relocation day’s best practices.
  • Buy all supplies at once, and if unsure, buy extra.
  • Clean your belongings as you pack.
  • Finish packing a day before the moving day.

Do Not Reuse Moving Boxes

In the past, it was common for people to reuse moving boxes. However, this is not advisable during the pandemic because the virus can survive on cardboard for up to 24hours. Therefore, you should buy new boxes when moving during the pandemic.

Provide movers with extra sanitizing materials

On the moving day, you should help the movers in observing required sanitation practices. You should provide them with hand sanitizers, paper towels, and soap.

Delay your move if you’re feeling unwell

Transparency is essential to ensure the safety of everyone. If you or a family member has signs of the virus, you should delay the move till a doctor clears you.

Local residential and commercial moving services are still operational during the pandemic, as moving is an essential service for homeowners and business owners alike.

However, you should follow all the necessary hygiene guidelines for you to have a safe move.