A move is a sequence of procedures to get your family and possessions relocated to a new home. The moving process may overwhelm you if you do it on your own. Therefore, it is ideal for you to contract a professional local residential and commercial moving services company to make this process smooth. Let us look at the relocation process.

Scheduling Your Move

The moving timeline starts with you contacting a moving who will provide you with an estimate of the move free of charge. The moving estimate will show how much the relocation is going to cost you.

After making the first contact, a moving company representative will visit your home to survey your possessions. The survey also gives the moving company more understanding of other elements that may impact your relocation, such as handling of delicate belongings and the size of moving van that fits your street. You should also inform the representative of where you plan to move to and on what dates.

If you find the quote favorable, you can sign the moving contract with the representative immediately. This seals the moving company for your specific packing and relocating dates. You may be required to make a deposit for the move, depending on the company’s payment procedure.

Packing Your Items

When you enlist for packing services, the moving company will arrange for packers to come to your house and safely put your items in boxes. To avoid disruption, packing is done a few days before the day of the move.

The packers will wrap your belongings room to room, placing them in boxes, marking the boxes with the section of your home they came from.

Packing Tips

  • Do not move items you no longer need.
  • Buy quality moving boxes.
  • Place jewelry on straws to avoid getting knotted
  • Use plastic wrap to prevent leaks
  • Give each room a unique packaging label
  • Don’t leave empty spaces in the packaging boxes
  • Fold clothes when packing to save space.

Moving Day

On your moving date, the movers will arrive at your home on time, ready to work. The movers will deal with all the heavy stuff- so you don’t have to worry. Most movers move your belongings in the following order:

  • Electronics
  • Tables and desks
  • Beds and mattresses
  • Couches
  • Big boxes
  • Small boxes

Once all your items are loaded on a moving truck, the driver will start the journey to your new home or a storage facility. This all depends on your unique moving requirements.

When the movers arrive at your new home, they will place the boxes and furniture where they are supposed to under your direction. The movers will also reassemble any items that needed disassembling.

Benefits of hiring a reliable Moving Company

  • Cost-efficient compared to doing everything on your own.
  • Makes moving easy to plan.
  • Movers insure your items.
  • Makes moving easier and faster.
  • Possess the right equipment for the job.

The moving process may be overwhelming for you, but with the right Professional Local Movers Olathe on your side, a smooth moving process is possible. A. Arnold Movers have the knowledge and skills to handle your moving and storage needs.