Just as important as selecting the right mover is choosing the right protection for your shipment. You do this first by carefully considering the value of your belongings, then determining which protection option best suits your needs. We offer two options at varying costs. After discussing valuation with your moving consultant, the choice is yours.

Full Replacement

This is the premium method of protecting your goods. Should an article be damaged, we’ll repair it to its previous condition. If not repairable, we’ll pay you for the full market value. If it’s lost, we’ll replace it with an identical item, or equivalent if the original is not available. The minimum valuation under this option is $6.00 per pound times the total weight of your shipment.

Basic Liability

All interstate movers, by law, have a basic liability of $.60 per pound per article at no additional charge to the customer; it provides very limited protection of your household goods.

In case of loss of damage, carrier liability does not exceed an amount equal to $.60 time the pound weight of the article lost or damaged. For example, if a ten-pound lamp were lost or damaged, regardless of its value, the amount paid by the carrier would be only $6.00.

Be sure to discuss declared valuation with your AAKC Moving representative, because it is your responsibility to specifically designate the value of your household goods shipment when it is released to the carrier.

Please note that AAKC Moving is not responsible for loss or damage to documents, currency, jewelry, coin collections, or stamp collections. We recommend that you take these items with you or that you make other arrangements to transport these items.