Moving your favorite and prized pieces of art is a daunting task to say the least. It is also risky to move your art without insurance. Moving companies may fail to wrap your art correctly or accidentally drop a fragile piece during transport. This can be a stressful part of the process of moving your fine art into a new home.

It is helpful to take note that most home owners insurance does not cover the damage that occurs at the time of an art piece being moved or stored. To make sure that your fine art has protection for the loss or damage, buy the moving insurance offered at the time of agreement with the moving company you have chosen for the job. This way whether you have one fine piece or an entire collection of original paintings or several individual sculptures, everything will be covered without exception.

How to insure a fine art piece?

The primary step to ensuring your art collection is gathering together all the necessary documents to prove ownership and value. The necessary documents may include the bill of sale, an official estimate of value for replacement, photos, or the most recent appraisal. To keep things in an organized way, store the documents in a digital artwork archive which can be easily accessible for reference.

As with any other insurance policy, be sure of what it covers and does not cover. Some of the policies do not cover restoration. Meaning if your art piece is damaged and has to be repaired, the burden of cost would be the owner’s instead of the moving company’s.

Moving is an exciting time. A time to anticipate the display of your art collection in a new space-one that will soon be called home. Alleviate stress and guarantee a smooth transition for your collection with mover’s insurance.