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Moving a business is an entirely different project than moving the contents of a typical home, so if you’re facing the challenge of a commercial move it would be prudent to do some research and to be prepared. Businesses can ill-afford a day down, and so having everything ready, then the actual move, and finally setting up in the new location must go according to schedule or the business won’t make money, customers will be upset, and employees will be staying home from work. All bad things.

First, set your schedule and always confirm everything. If there is a real estate agent or building manager involved make sure you get them to commit to everything being ready, then double check a week before and the day before the move. Will the elevators be available? Will the loading ramp be free? Paying for people to stand around on moving day is expensive and wasteful.

Packing: Make sure you have  the right packing supplies. This is an investment that pays off, and there is no reason to throw the boxes and padding away when the move is over. Keep them in storage, if possible for the next move. You never know.

Label Everything: Remember that once you start to unpack, you’ll want to do it quickly so labeling is critical. No time to run around wondering which cable belongs to what computer. Make it easy and label properly.

Donate: This might be a great time to upgrade some office equipment and to donate old, usable items to charity. You’ll want to check with your accountant but it’s possible you can gain a deduction on your taxes.

Kansas City Commercial MoversHave a Meeting: Two heads are better than one, and many is even better. Often office management will plan a move because they’ve done it before and they thank they have it down. It’s a good idea to get everyone’s input because it’s likely there are some special circumstances what will only come up if everyone has the opportunity to have a voice.

IT Considerations: This is huge. Make sure everyone is on board with the internet and cables, wireless, telephone, all the technical details. Getting to the new office, setting up, and then having no internet has happened many times, and it’s a real headache.

Selecting a mover: This is obviously a big decision. You want to choose a mover with a name in the business, hopefully one that represents one of the big national companies. These movers have established a track record for quality service. Small moving companies certainly have a place in the moving industry, but when you trust something as valuable as your business to a mover, make sure it’s one with a well-known name and reputation.

Insurance: Obviously you’ll want to use a mover who is insured, but also make sure you’re covered for anything that happens prior to or after the move is complete. Also, make sure you have informed your insurance company about the move. You won’t be covered if they don’t know you have moved.

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We have moved hundreds of businesses, large and small. We have moved businesses from one side of town to the other and across the country, even internationally. We will be happy to come and visit your business and provide a very reasonable quote that will likely stay in your budget. You can reach us at 913-829-8267 and thank you.