Art is invaluable, and it requires a lot of care while you relocate. In order to handle art properly, one must understand its value. Clients deserve to receive paintings, sculptures, and other forms of art in mint condition as they probably invested a significant amount in its collection. Thus, it is very important to move artwork safely in a risk-free manner. In order to get the job done, you will need professional movers who are specifically trained to handle fine arts. If you are sceptical, how this job is done, here are the steps involving the relocation of fine arts.

  • Planning and preparation: 

Meticulous planning is an important step of all relocations. Shipping fine arts can be an overwhelming task and calls for a lot of planning. It is also important to have detailed information about the type of artwork that one chooses to relocate. This will enable the moving crew to understand which type of materials should be used for the process. 

  • Selecting trained professionals: 

Relocation of art pieces is a more complicated process than regular packing and moving. It goes without saying that art pieces deserve a lot of care while handling. An experienced crew can make sure that no damage is caused to the artwork in the process.

  • Choosing the right packaging materials: 

Art pieces are extremely delicate and they need special packaging. Materials like PE foam, acid-free paper, and bubble wraps are used for extra cushioning for moving. 

After making these arrangements, the pieces of art are stored in the temperature-controlled area and an inventory is created. Lastly, most reliable movers get insurance for art pieces for covering up in case any unwanted mishap does happen to take place. Being insured also means that the clients can get compensation if there’s any loss. People invest a huge share of their income in purchasing artwork and thus, a lot of care is taken to ensure smooth transportation.