Moving isn’t always a permanent thing. At some point in your life, you will probably find yourself en route to a new place for a fairly temporary amount of time. This could be for a plethora of reasons, including an internship, study abroad program, temporary employment opportunity, or to stay with friends or family for an extended period of time for living. Whatever the reason may be, here are some helpful tips for how to approach packing for these types of scenarios.

Be Practical

If you find yourself crossing state lines for a temporary moving, that probably means you can’t bring everything with you, even if you wanted to. If you will still be able to maintain a permanent address housing all of your belongings, no need to stress. Think minimally. What will you absolutely need? Chances are that you can afford to leave plenty of things behind. If your current residence is being sold, or is no longer available for whatever reason, then you’ll either have to figure out a way to bring everything with you, or find a viable storage space for your things.

What Will Be Included?

If you’ll be staying in a short term rental, it’s important to know what items will be included with the property during your stay. Will your place already have sheets and linens? Is it furnished? How furnished is furnished? What about a washer and dryer? Kitchen items like silverware and plates? These are all important points to establish to best prepare you for your living. This will inform your decision on what to bring and what to leave and minimize your costs by cutting out excess, last minute purchases.

Storage is your best friend.

The belongings that have to stay will have to go somewhere. Like we established earlier, if your previous permanent residence will no longer be available to you, you’ll have to arrange for a storage solution for the rest of your things. Whether your home is being sold or your lease is being terminated, investing in a quality storage space is almost always worth your while. This way, you’ll always have that space at your disposal for whatever life throws at you. There is a wide variety of storage spaces to choose from including indoor and outdoor access, climate controlled spaces, and ones with increased security measures to meet whatever your needs might be.