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Psychologists deal with patients who have high anxiety and other issues every day, and they have compiled lists of life events that cause people to “stress out.” A death in the family, a wedding, a job termination, changing schools, and pregnancy are all major stress-producers but there are dozens more.

One thing that mental health professionals report is huge, and we agree because we see it all the time, is moving. It’s a huge undertaking even of you hire professional movers for the actual physical part of the move, and packing. Dealing with change of address issues, new neighbors, new places to shop and get your car washed, it’s all new and anything new causes stress.

Kansas City Professional MoversHere’s something you may not have thought about, but you should: Pets get stressed out too! They don’t understand what’s going on so they need special attention.

If you have a dog or a cat and you need pet moving services in Kansas City in the near future there are some things you can do to lessen their stress. If you haven’t found a new home yet, think about proximity to dog parks, veterinarians, and walking trails. Also, if you might need a dog walker or a pet sitter it might be a good idea to see if there is one nearby. Of course, if you have a dog you’ll be interested in a nice yard.

Once you have selected your new home, think about removing your pets from the old house on the day of the move and letting them stay with a friend. Pets get very confused when people start picking up furniture and removing it from their homes. Cats in particular often try to hide under furniture and as each piece is removed they get very anxious and start acting very agitated. They are naturally frightened and it is not good for them.

Pets are most comfortable around the places they eat and sleep so remember that if you pack up their toys, bowls, and beds in boxes make sure they are among the first to be opened in the new home. Give them lots of petting and if they are cuddlers let them cuddle. It’s going to take some time for them to figure out where they are!

Kansas City Pet Professionals Movers

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