Packing up the kitchen can be a daunting, nervous task if you don’t have the right direction. Here is the perfect guide to all your fragile kitchen packing needs! From dishes to cups, bowls, glasses, and stemware, let us offer some advice on how to protect your breakable kitchen items on your moving day!


  1. Prep Your Boxes. Select medium-sized boxes, and always line the bottom of the box with either crumpled packing paper, or soft, at-home materials like a towel or blanket.
  2. Always Cover the Plate. Center a single plate in the box on your stack of packing paper, towel, or blanket. Take several sheets of paper or soft packing material at once and place it over the plate. Each plate should be completely covered. Another cheap alternative is styrofoam disposable plates. Use one in between each glass plate to create a safety barrier.
  3. Wrap the Bundle. Turn the wrapped stack of plates upside down onto your wrapping material of choice. Bubble wrap tends to be the most protective. From here, re-wrap the entire bundle. Start with one sheet of bubble wrap and completely cover the stack of dishes. After the first sheet, cover the bundle again with a second piece oriented perpendicularly to the first piece to cover more surface area of the bundle. Do this as many times as is practical or until you are confident that the dishes are safe and sound. For non-fragile plates, you can pack five or six to a bundle.
  4. Safely Pack it Away. Seal the bundle with packing tape and place it in the cushioned box, and don’t forget to fill any extra space inside of the box with either towels or blankets to prevent extra movement!

Cups and Bowls

  1. Position Your Cup. Position a single cup or bowl, bottom down, six to eight inches from one corner of your packing paper. Pull the nearest corner of the packing paper up and over the cup.
  2. Add another Cup. Nest a second cup or bowl inside the first one, with the paper between the two.
  3. The Pull and Tuck. Pull the two side corners of packing paper or bubble wrap up and over, one at a time, and tuck them inside the second cup.

You can pack on your own or you can ask us to pack for you. Our goal is to make your move as easy as possible!

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