When it comes time to move, it may not be necessary to bring everything you have with you. You may want to redecorate or simply declutter for a more minimalist look. Choosing new furniture and decor that you better relate with in this stage of life can be a fun process turning your home into more of a haven for you. No matter the reason for leaving items behind, here is some advice to help you through the process.

Donations & More

Probably the easiest way to get rid of large items like furniture is to donate it or give it away. Donating has its advantages. Most Goodwills and Salvation Army locations will accept nearly anything without question of its condition. This is not to mention that by donating to organizations like these, you’re supporting a good cause and reducing waste. Donating also leaves out the hassle of matching the item to someone you know who would use it. Otherwise, a group text is easy to send out asking who may be interested in what.

One important part of the move though, is having a way to transport large items. An economy car is likely not going to cut it for the bigger things like beds, dressers, or large bookcases. Smaller items like chairs or end tables may fit just fine, but for the rest, consider recruiting a friend or family member who owns a truck. 

If you live in or around a big metropolitan area, there may also be neighborhood or city-wide charity groups that offer pick-up services. This may be another option to look into before trying to shove that unwieldy love seat into your car.

Get a Return on Your Investment

While it’s not always possible to get 100% of what you spent on an item back in move, chances are you can get at least a portion of your investment by selling! There are a number of viable options for selling furniture or even decor items. Here are just a few:

  • Find a local consignment shop. If you’re looking to get rid of some older, more unique pieces, you may want to consider selling them to a vintage or antique store. Bear in mind that consignment stores usually only offer a portion of the value up front, and the rest comes once the item sells. 
  • List your items online. This one is huge. The days of Craigslist may be nearing the end, but never fear, Facebook Marketplace is here! Facebook Marketplace is the new and popular place on the internet for easy listing and fast selling. Other online options include a variety of selling apps including Let Go, Mercari, and others. 
  • Do it the old fashioned way – have a yard sale! Yard sales can be a fun and easy way to sell furniture and a variety of other items you don’t want to haul along with you. While this does require a bit of advertisement, the payoff can be well worth it, often dwindling down your extra things to a small batch of leftovers to be taken to your local donation center.