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When people move, most size up their furniture and personal belongings, clothing, and kitchen implements, then get enough boxes to pack it all up and move. There are, however, somethings you should definitely not move because of safety concerns, and some things you should consider replacing because it’s wise to replace some things for your health.

Things you Should not Move:

  1. Plants, especially outdoor plants. In some cases it is illegal to transport certain plants across state lines. It may sound silly, but laws are laws and many moving companies will not move Kansas City Missouri Moversplants. Plants also have bugs in them and you don’t need those guys getting into your furniture and bedding. Just buy new plants when you arrive at your new home.
  2. Chemicals. Don’t move cleaning fluids and detergents, etc. They will likely leak and get on personal items and furniture. We know of a do-it-yourself mover who ruined a beautiful sofa when a bottle of bleach broke open. It was ugly.
  3. Perishable Foods. Anything that can spoil should not be moved. If the moving truck is delayed for any reason you will not want bugs and the smell of rotten food getting into your things.
  4. Anything flammable or explosive. This is common sense, but people do it all the time. It’s illegal to move any hazardous materials on U.S. highways.

Power equipment with fuel in the tank. Once again, gas is a flammable liquid and if it’s in the fuel tank of a lawn mower fumes can build up in a moving truck and….boom.

There are other things that we are happy to move, but people should think about replacing:

Doctors recommend replacing your mattress every 7 to 10 years because it’s healthier. Imaging sleeping your first night in your new home on top of a brand new mattress. That’s nice!

You may want to consider letting old, ready-to-die major appliances go to the dump before you move and buy new ones in your new home town. If they fail shortly after moving then you wasted time, effort, and money.

Large Area Rugs. If your rugs are old, moving time might be a good time to think about new ones.

A. Arnold Kansas City Missouri Movers

A. Arnold Kansas City Movers has experience moving just about anything that can be moved and we have learned that making smart choices about what to move makes everything go better. We would be pleased to meet and discuss your smooth move if you call us at 913-829-8267.