In the best situations, moving can be excruciating on the nerves. It can be even less pleasant if you are not sure how to hire movers to haul your important belongings to your new residence.

Full-service movers, however, take care of all the work associated with the move. They can help pack or crate your belongings, and they often provide local residential & commercial moving services that involve relocating large or bulky equipment. Just as important, they drive the truck, which can be harrowing for many people not used to driving a moving truck.

Finally, once they arrive at the destination, they unload the belongings and can even set all the required packages in the designated rooms. Simply put, these types of movers are what you need when you want an easy move instead of a stressful one.


  1. Time in business

You will want to ensure that the company has been in business at its current location for many years. Often, disreputable companies switch names after only a year or so in order to escape angry customers or possible lawsuits.

  1. Packing

You should look for a company that offers custom packing. Doing so will help keep your fragile belongings safe during a bumpy transport.

  1. Quote

You should look for a company that can provide a free cost estimate. This estimate should account for such things as stairs, mileage, and any special circumstances that your move might involve.

  1. Driver screening

When it comes to local residential & commercial moving services, you need to find a company that vets its drivers. Some movers will send you a text that shows you the pictures of everyone who will be arriving at your home. Doing so helps ensure accountability and the safety of your home and belongings.

  1. Inventory

Your movers should take a detailed inventory of everything that is being moved. When you arrive at the destination, you should be able to check what is waiting for you against all the boxes and packages that left the initial location.

Variety of services

  1. Commercial moving

Commercial moving is a special type of service as it might involve computer equipment and other sensitive electronics. You need to find someone who can move your business with efficiency because movers without experience can create lengthy disruptions.

  1. Storage

It is sometimes necessary to have things moved in stages. Additionally, you might need to wait until your destination is completely ready for your stuff. In this case, a moving company that also offers storage can help streamline the entire moving process.


  1. Extra fees

When you hire full-service movers, you should look for extra fees stipulated in the contract. For instance, you need to know how much it will cost you if movers pack items not indicated in the quote.

  1. Deposits

You should not have to pay excessive deposits, and the deposit you provide should be refundable as long as you meet the conditions stipulated in the contract.

  1. Insured

All movers should insure your belongings. That said, you need to determine if the insurance is by weight of an object or if it is for replacement costs. Often, insurance that covers objects by weight will not adequately cover expensive items that do not weigh much.