If you’ll be renting a moving truck for your next move, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a guide for how you can pack your moving truck just like the professionals here at A. Arnold Moving!

1. Set Up the Loading Ramp

All moving trucks come with loading ramps for easy and safe loading into the truck. So, your first step will be to pull the loading ramp from its compartment and fasten it safely into position on the tailgate of the truck. Be sure to check that the ramp is secure and isn’t going to move or shift as you’re moving on and off of it.

2. Largest & Heaviest Go First

So if you’re going to pack like the pros, what are you going to load into the truck first? Follow the rule that the largest and heaviest items should go first. Bulky items like large furniture pieces, kitchen appliances, and any other big, heavy specialty items should be loaded in first as they are usually the hardest to accommodate when it comes to space. You can ask A. Arnold Moving to assist you in loading and unloading.

3. Learn the Triple T Formation (TTT)

Now that we’ve established that the big, heavy items go into the truck first, you’re surely wondering what the best way to arrange them once they’re in. This is where we introduce the triple T formation. This is specifically for items that need to stay upright during the move. These should be positioned against the wall closest to the cab of the truck. Other long furniture pieces like couches, headboards, and mattresses should be positioned perpendicular to the back line, against the side walls of the truck. Lastly, smaller furniture items like desks, tables, and chairs should be placed in the middle, finally forming what should resemble a triple T (TTT) formation.

4. Secure Each Heavy Layer

To secure the contents of your truck like a pro, use straps or rope to secure each stacked level of heavy items you’ve packed. You want to prevent those items from moving around during transport to prevent any damage to the contents of your truck. Make sure there aren’t any items that could cause damage that are able to move freely while driving.

5. Now for the Boxes

Now that the heavy items are packed and secured, it’s time to pack in all the smaller boxes in the space that’s left. When stacking boxes, cardboard or plastic, be sure to use the heaviest ones as the base of your stacks, and leave the lighter ones for the top. This way, if a box happens to topple, it’ll do the least damage compared to the heavier ones. Remember to load your ‘moving essentials’ boxes last, so you have the easiest access to them as soon as you arrive at your destination.

6. Fill the Gaps

And lastly, once you’ve loaded all of your belongings into the truck, if there is still free, open space, you’ll need to fill it to pack like a pro. Use soft items like clothing, towels, or bedding to fill in any spaces left. This will keep everything tight and even more secure to prevent any shifting during your drive.

If you’d like the professional local movers to come and show you how it’s done, let us know! Call A. Arnold Moving today!