Moving, although exciting, is not a cheap endeavor. From deposits to moving supplies, the expenses add up quickly. Here are some tips we’ve put together to help you in a budget-friendly move and arrive in your new home with some cash to spare.

What is your budget?

 The obvious first step is to calculate your budget for the big move. Simply hoping for the best won’t get you very far. Remember to account for things like gas, food stops, moving supplies, and professional movers if you choose to hire help. Having a good idea of how much of your finances are available will help you decide what you can afford and what you can’t.

Don’t Rush

Unexpected expenses are much more likely to arise when you’ve run out of time to make thoughtful decisions. Be sure to a lot of plenty of time for each part of the moving process. Packing, planning, and researching relocation companies in Kansas City – are all important and fairly time-consuming. Avoid pushing anything to the last minute, and you’ll be in the best spot for a budget-friendly move.

Downsize & Declutter

Preparing for a move is the perfect time to take a good, hard look at all the things you own. Aim to downsize as much as possible. The less you have to move, the less supplies and labor are required. The smaller the load, the more time and money you will save. The items you decide not to keep can either be donated or used to put on a yard sale to make some extra money before your move!

Get Free Moving Supplies

One of the easiest ways to save in your moving budget is on moving supplies. Boxes can commonly be found at retailers near you to be repurposed for free. Grocery stores, liquor stores, and bookstores are all great places to look. Call ahead and see if they have a specific day of the week when shipments come, providing a surplus of boxes. They are often more than happy to help. Not only is it more economical but more eco-friendly as well. Lastly, instead of buying brand new bubble wrap or other padding materials for fragile items, consider using household items you probably already have like newspapers, towels, clothing, and rags.

Move-in the Off-Season

Many people don’t realize that moving costs fluctuate with the changing of the seasons. Generally, the summer months are considered the peak moving season. Longer days, warmer temperatures and the kids are out of school. Although these sound like prime conditions, if you plan to hire moving companies in the Kansas City area, a summer move may not be worth the higher rates. A. Arnold Moving will likely be much more flexible and available in the fall and winter months. If you are planning a summer move though, avoiding weekend or holiday moves will still save you some money!

Hire the Professionals

Once you’ve accomplished what you can with your friends and family, consider hiring a professional moving company to get you through to the end. Reach out to A. Arnold Moving today to get a quote for your move!