While having A. Arnold Moving to pack your belongings for a move may seem simpler, but there is still quite a bit of work to be done by the owner. Before the packers arrive, you need to be sure that what is being loaded up is exactly what you need and want to bring with you. Additionally, creating a map for packers can be extremely helpful. If you have any delicate or heirloom items, consider getting them crated before the moving company arrives.


The end goal of decluttering is to make sure that everything that gets to your new home is an item that you use, cherish and celebrate. To make this happen, work in the morning when your decision-making powers are sharpest. Enter each space with a

  • black plastic bag for trash, as well as items that are worn out
  • white plastic bag for items worth donating
  • cardboard box for items you want to sell

Designate one area of your home as a staging area for items you plan to sell. Take a photo and post it on your preferred marketplace, then put the items in the box and mark the box with the contents.

When sorting through your clothes, be aware that you can make more selling individual items, but it is faster to sell items by the bag through online stores such as ThredUp. If things are not selling on Poshmark or Mercari, bag them up it will in help you to prepare for packers, While decluttering, take the time to deduplicate as well. Go through your kitchen cabinets and load a box with that extra spatula, pancake flipper and paring knife. Move one set of quality kitchen tools into your new home. Donate the extras to a family shelter. Enjoy the space and the chance to help someone else.

Create a Map

Create a map of where you want things to go in your new house. This can be made simpler with colored label dots, especially when moving items into new bedrooms. Because packers will be followed by movers, keep the dots on one of the biggest pieces of furniture and do your best to mark each box with a colored dot as it gets sealed up it will be easy to prepare for packers.

When you get to your new home, put a dot on the door so movers will be able to load each room with the proper items.

Pack Your Own Personal Items

Use your luggage to pack personal items. Everyone in your house will need their own suitcase for the move. Each case will need

  • toiletries and a towel
  • clean bedding and a pillow
  • at least one change of clothes
  • pajamas
  • a special toy for your little ones

No matter how crazy moving day gets, you can get to your new space, make the bed, take a bath, hang out in your pajamas and have something clean to wear in the morning. If you have a computer bag, make sure to load this with charging cables, laptops and tablets so everyone can use their electronics and enjoy a little relaxation in the new house.

Kids and Pets

Moving can be tough on your little ones and strangers may drive your pets to distraction. Hire a sitter, or even better, send the kids to stay with a friend for the day. Take your dog to the boarder for an overnight to prevent any hostility between your pet and the packers. Since the door will be opening and closing for the moving crew, having your pet away from the house will reduce the risk of them running away.

Moving can be managed with some prep work and a great crew. Call us today at 913-829-8267 for a conversation about what we need to do for you to make this move as easy as possible.