Do you have precious china or other dishware to pack for your next move or are you in need of residential moving companies in Kansas City? Follow these detailed steps to ensure your dishes are packed safely no matter the distance they will travel.

  1. Reinforce Boxes. 

Carefully reinforce the bottom of each box you will use to store your dishes. To do this, tape the middle bottom line of the box with a couple of layers of tape on the outside of the box. We recommend using only “heavy-duty” cardboard boxes if you are not using plastic tubs to pack dishware. This will ensure that you avoid any instances of a thin cardboard box crumbling under the weight of other items.

  1. Insulate Boxes.

Pad the insides of your boxes with insulating materials. You can use things like crumpled packing paper, old newspapers, or bubble wrap. The goal is to create a soft layer that will absorb movement or shock during the moving journey. This will keep your packed kitchen sets as safe as possible. Skip this step, and any little sway or bump will put your dishes at risk. You can also stuff kitchen or bath towels in any empty space within the boxes for additional padding. Or you can get assistance from the A. Arnold Moving for an easy transition for moving

  1. Pick a Packing Station. 

This will be the place where you’ll do the actual wrapping of each dish in paper, bubble wrap, or the material of your choosing. Then from here, you will transfer them into your reinforced and padded boxes. You can use a kitchen table or counter for this station. Any elevated surface is recommended as opposed to using a spot on the floor.

  1. Fragile Pieces 

Especially fragile pieces are safest in the center of a stack of dishes and covered by several sheets of wrapping material. Wrap these completely by tucking paper and padding into the center of the plate, diagonally from each corner. Use some tape to secure the paper bundle.

  1. How to Place Your Dishes in Boxes

Once you’ve carefully wrapped each individual dish, you can begin to place them into boxes one by one. The key to packing fragile dishware is to place them into the box standing on their edges. Do not place them flat at the bottom of the box. This way, the dishes do not need to bear any weight, putting them at risk for damage.

  1. Building Rows of Dishes

Once you’ve completed your first layer of standing dishes in your box, separate it from the next row using your insulating materials if you have room. Use paper, bubble wrap, towels, or old t-shirts. This will add yet another layer of protection for your china and dishware.  You can trust the relocation companies in Kansas City to safely move your fragile belongings.

  1. Fill in the Gaps. 

Once you’ve filled a box to your liking, fill in any remaining free space to prevent any movement inside the box. Use paper, leftover bubble wrap, old articles of clothing, or bath towels. The goal is to make sure that the contents of each box have nowhere to go if prompted to move in the back of a van or truck. 

  1. Seal Your Boxes. 

Once you’ve filled each box to your liking, place a final protective layer of insulating material across the top of the box’s contents. Close the lid and seal shut using packing tape. 

And you are all set! Your fine china and dining will arrive safely to your new home if you’ve followed our guide. If you’re interested in leaving more of this to the professionals instead of doing it yourself, A. Arnold Moving is here to help. Call today for a free consultation and quote!