Planning a move can be both daunting and exciting. There are countless details to attend to, and often far more labor required than a single household can comfortably handle on its own. Hiring a professional moving company is a great way to simplify and streamline this process while ensuring that nothing gets overlooked. Moving companies do far more than transport packed boxes from one location to another. If you choose to hire a full-service moving company, you’ll get seamless, end-to-end support, reliable protection for your items, and access to secondary services for mitigating any scheduling conflicts or surprising, last-minute developments.

To start, a moving service can both supply all of the needed packing materials for your relocation project, and handle all of your packing. Given their considerable experience in this area, they know which packing materials are best able to prevent property damages, how to label boxes and other containers for ease of unpacking and organization, and how to conserve space among other things. A full-service moving company will also dissemble large-sized furnishings before loading them onto their trucks, and then reassemble these items once they’ve reached their destination. This and other forms of support eliminates the need for consumers to recruit family members and friends, or to take on labor-intensive tasks that might lead to physical injury. Professional movers always come equipped with their own safety gear, and their own tools for ensuring that heavy, cumbersome items can be transported without causing property damages or personal harm.

Discover the Full Range of Services Offered by Full-Service Movers

By law, all moving companies offer their clients a limited amount of basic coverage. This way, if property damages are sustained throughout the moving process, consumers are able to recoup some or all of their losses. Depending upon where you live, this coverage will guarantee a specified amount of cash per each pound of damaged or lost goods. Because they’re extending this assurance and assuming the risk of offering it, moving companies Kansas City typically require that all covered items be boxed up by their own employees. This protection is designed to give customers greater peace of mind. It can also be supplemented by a client’s existing homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, or upgraded with the actual moving company to provide greater coverage per pound of goods transported.

Movers don’t just eliminate the need to recruit friends and family members by providing ample manpower and large-sized moving trucks. Their services are structured to make relocation as easy as it can possibly be. When packed cartons are delivered to a client’s new residence, these boxes can be placed in the rooms in which their contents will ultimately be used. Strategic labeling and loading of boxes makes it unnecessary for homeowners to cart cumbersome items around, even after all of their movers have left. Professional furniture dissembling and reassembly ensure that high-value furnishings are not damaged, and that these items are just as functional and aesthetically appealing as they were before relocation.

Some homeowners find that their move-out dates do not coincide with their dates for moving into their new homes. In these instances, full-service movers can offer affordable options in both short and long-term storage. When working with a moving company to temporarily store your items, you can look forward to facilities with:

  • Multi-pronged security plans
  • Temperature control features
  • Climate-controlled unit interiors for preventing humidity damages

All loading and unloading is done by movers so that consumers have more time to explore their new environments, enjoy the ride to their new homes, and make plans for adjusting to their surroundings. Best of all, once all boxes have been offloaded, delivered to destination rooms, and unpacked, and after all furniture has been reassembled, a full-service moving company can also gather up and remove all of the resulting waste. In fact, these entities will additionally ensure that all recyclable packing waste is disposed of at the appropriate recycling facilities. If you’re planning a move and want reliable protection for your belongings, and the ability to sidestep the hard labor that relocation commonly entails, we can help. Call us today at 123-456-7890.