Local Moving Company in Olathe: Moving a Peloton Bike–You probably already own and are familiar with a Peloton Bike at home if you’re serious about reaching your cycling goals. This is an expensive piece of exercise equipment; more precisely, it’s a stationary bike with WiFi capability and a 21.5-inch touchscreen tablet that lets users watch live workouts and sign up for on-demand classes. These bikes also let you compete against other riders on real-time leaderboards. They are also excellent for efficient cardio exercises, of course.

It goes without saying that these bikes provide a top-notch riding experience at home, which makes them an excellent gym accessory for working professionals and stay-at-home parents who frequently lack the time to go for a ride on the open road.

However, when you’re going to move with a local moving company in Olathe, how can you move a peloton bike? You can always get the job done by getting in touch with A. Arnold Moving to streamline the procedure. However, if you want a better idea of how you should go about moving gym equipment in general, read this blog post through to the end.


Dimensions of the Peloton Bike

Take a few minutes to evaluate the Peloton’s dimensions before beginning the bike’s whole moving process with a local moving company in Olathe. Even with the flywheel alone weighing about forty pounds, these stationary bikes can weigh anywhere from one hundred and thirty-five to one hundred and forty pounds.

However, the bike is heavy to move around and has a footprint of about four feet by two feet.

Nevertheless, the Peloton’s dimensions are essential for offering the stability that athletes need for increasingly difficult training sessions. Why? When you’re pedaling beyond your comfort zone during an exhausting workout, you want a heavier bike to stay put and not move.


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How to Move a Peloton Bike

Bicycle transportation can be difficult, particularly if you are moving alone and don’t disassemble the bike first. Experts typically divide the Peloton bike transfer procedure into six simple steps, which are as follows:

Take out the Peloton Screen.

Make sure you won’t damage the touchscreen by removing it safely and carefully before you begin any lifting or moving. You’ll need a few tools, such as a Philips screwdriver, to take out the screws holding the Peloton screen in place.

Remember that you should not attempt to prevent the screen from falling to the ground by yourself. Together, remove the Peloton screen by giving a friend a call.

First, make sure the power cable is out of the way and that the bike is not powered on. The mounting screws are located behind the square panel on the back of the monitor; take it off now and carefully unscrew them.

Have the person assisting you hold the screen while you do this. After everything is unfastened, you can proceed according to a professional moving and storage company in Olathe.

Take the Pedals Off

To make transportation (and your life) easier, it is always advisable to disassemble every component of every mechanism when moving gym equipment. The pedals can be removed with an Allen wrench that is basic, 15mm in size. You may wonder why the pedals were removed. To put it simply, you don’t want them to break in the event that something happens while you’re moving with a local moving company in Olathe.

To make sure that the resistance pedal won’t interfere with pedal movement, carefully turn the resistance knob on the bike to the right. The bolts on the right pedal must be turned counterclockwise, and the bolts on the left pedal should be turned clockwise. Both pedals can be removed with the wrench.

Take out the water bottle holder.

Using the same Phillips screwdriver that you used to remove the display, remove the bottle holder after removing the pedals and peloton screen. It is still correct to turn the resistance knob to the right. Additionally, loosen the bottle holder’s bolts.


Take out the weight holders.

Using the Phillips screwdriver, remove the screws holding the holders in place after making sure there are no weights on them.


Bringing the Handlebars and Seat Down

In order to avoid any possible harm during transportation with a local moving company in Olathe, such as breakage, the Peloton Bike’s handlebars and seats should be lowered to their lowest position before being moved.

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Bike Transferring to the Truck

Now that the bike has been successfully disassembled, it’s time to transport it to the moving van with assistance from a furniture moving company in Olathe like A. Arnold Moving. As you or your companion grabs the stabilizers on the back of the bike, make sure that one of you is holding the handlebars. Now, begin gently advancing the stationary bike in the direction of the truck. Take as many breaks as you like when you need to stop to prevent falling off the bike or slipping.

If you are on level ground, you can also push the bike using its transport wheels. When you get to the truck, carefully hoist it onto it and stabilize it with ratchet straps.

When you’re ready to go and have the bike mounted on the truck, proceed cautiously and steer clear of abrupt stops and turns. Whenever possible, stay away from rough and uneven roads as well.

Take the bike out of the truck.

Finally, go through the entire process again, but in reverse. As soon as you get to your new house, carefully take the bike out of the truck, move it to the new location of your choice with help from a local moving company in Olathe, and reassemble it to get it back in working order.



Moving a Peloton Bike: What to Do and What Not to Do

Here are some pointers and methods to assist you in moving your bike:

  • Your Peloton can be flipped onto its side, but only after all fragile components have been taken out. Since the bike’s metal frame is the strongest component, take care to remove everything else to prevent damage, including the weight holders and bottle.

  • Most of the time, you can transport your bike in an SUV. It will largely rely on the size of the car and the amount of cargo space that is available. You can go ahead if the SUV is large enough, but if you’re not sure right away, it might be better to rent a moving truck with a local moving company in Olathe.

  • Exercise caution when relocating the bike as most warranties won’t pay for any harm you cause.

  • Avoid skipping the disassembly step. It’s important to take care of your bike, especially before you load it up on the truck, because the parts that need to be removed are all fairly brittle and delicate.


Anyone wishing to move their beloved Peloton bike can find this detailed guide from a moving and storage company in Olathe to be quite useful. Still, you can always seek professional assistance if you are unsure or uneasy about disassembling and transporting your bike. You can be sure that your exercise equipment will be moved with care and without any scratches if you choose to use professional gym equipment moving services in Olathe.


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