Working with packing and moving companies to streamline and expedite your move is a wise decision. With professional movers on your team, you won’t have to risk throwing out your back, straining your hips, shoulders, or knees, or sustaining any other lifting-related injuries. Hiring movers eliminates the need to put your family members and friends to the task. With their large moving trucks, commercial-grade packing equipment, and proven packing techniques, professional movers can simplify your relocation project from start to finish. Best of all, many movers additionally have options in secure storage. These are ideal for consumers with significant gaps between their move-out dates and the dates that they’re scheduled to move into their new homes. With the best of these services, you can rest assured that your items will be safely stored in humidity and temperature-controlled environments. You won’t have to worry about pests, theft, or any other problems damaging your goods.

For many consumers, the biggest challenge of moving into new homes is not having the end of their old tenancies coincide perfectly with their move-in dates. Absent secure storage, you’ll face the very daunting question of where to house your goods while waiting for your keys. Movers with secure storage facilities can drop your items off at your short-term unit, keep them boxed and labeled throughout the anticipated period of storage, and then load everything up and deliver it to your new house at the appointed time. Some companies use special storage pods to get the job done while others use warehousing facilities. There are even companies that keep their clients’ items stored directly on moving trucks in massive truck yards. This way, they’re ready for immediate transport when the time is right. Following is everything you need to know about choosing a mover with storage solutions, along with tips for finding the right service model for your needs.

Look for Comprehensive Moving Services

If you’re still in the formative stages of planning your move and know that short-term storage is essential, start by looking for comprehensive moving services. Most packing and moving companies in Kansas City offer a full range of solutions for meeting all of the needs that relocating households have. More often than not, this includes options in storage. Several logistical concerns can make secure storage a necessity. These include:

  • Move-in and move-out dates that differ
  • The need to complete major building renovations before moving into your new home
  • Having to move on short notice before you’re able to find a new residence
  • An inability to travel with your moving company, and be present when your belongings arrive

No matter why you need movers with options in storage, your primary concern should always be safety. Fortunately, all moving services offer a limited, basic amount of coverage for any items that they pack and transport on behalf of their customers. This coverage is generally offered as a dollar amount per every pound of goods moved. In addition to being included in the overall costs of a move, this coverage will remain in effect until all of the covered items have been delivered. Thus, it will protect your belongings even when they’re being housed on the mover’s property. Consumers who currently have renter’s or homeowner’s insurance can also have additional protections for their items from these plans as well.

When considering security, ask how movers will be housing your items. Find out whether these entities have multi-pronged security plans in place, and which methods are being used for pest control. If you’ve got any heat or humidity-sensitive items, items with lots of sentimental value, or antiques to house, knowing the answers to these questions will give you peace of mind. Telling movers about any high-value or rare items that you intend to store will also allow your provider to ensure that you’ve got the right coverage and the right storage plan for your needs.

Although there are certainly several general storage companies that you can contact when dealing with move-related logistical concerns, hiring a company that can meet your full range of needs is always your best bet. With packing and moving companies that offer storage, you won’t have to deal with the extra hassle and stress of having to coordinate scheduling with multiple service providers. More importantly, you won’t have to load and unload your storage unit or transport any heavy items to or from a scheduled drop site. Choosing movers with a comprehensive range of services is also the cheapest and most cost-effective way to get all of the assistance and support you need. If you’re planning a move and need help packing, hauling, and storing your items, we’ve got you covered. Call us today at 913-829-8267.