Moving services are an essential part of any major, long-distance relocation project. Without their large-sized trucks, ample manpower, and move-related knowledge and experience, consumers would face a number of challenging logistical concerns. But what about short, in-town moves and the challenges that these efforts entail? Is hiring a mover for a short-distance move worthwhile? The answer is quite simple. Anytime there are valued items to pack, cumbersome furnishings to transport, and lots of heavy-lifting involved, hiring professional movers and packers is always the best bet. The top moving and packing companies are staffed and equipped for handling residential moving projects of all types and sizes. More importantly, their services will make moving from one home to another a seamless, easy, and hassle-free process. By hiring these services for a quick move just across town, you can avoid physical labor that might leave sore, strained, or even seriously injured for weeks. You won’t have to rely on your family, friends, or neighbors to help you tackle this herculean task. You can also avoid putting a lot of unnecessary wear and tear on your personal vehicle.

There are countless benefits gained by working with professional movers and packers, even when moving a very short distance. This starts with the high-end packing materials that they use when boxing their clients’ items up. When your goods are packed by seasoned moving pros, you can rest assured that fragile items will be properly cushioned, cartons will be smartly labeled, and that all of your belongings will be organized in a way that makes loading, unloading, and unpacking as easy as possible. You can even align yourself with moving companies that place a strong focus on using sustainable, eco-friendly products and processes. This can mean both less waste all-around, and absolutely no use of materials that are have a lasting, negative impact on the natural environment.

How Professionals Make In-Town Moves Infinitely Easier

Hiring A. Arnold Moving will give you more time to focus on closing out important business in your current residence and learning more about your new neighborhood. Top moving companies offer comprehensive, end-to-end services. Not only will they provide you with high-quality packing supplies, but they’ll also do all of the boxing and labeling for you. Once your destination is reached, your movers will unload your belongings and deliver each piece of furniture and moving carton to its destination area. When it comes time for you to unpack, you won’t have to waste a lot of effort carrying items from room to room.

Movers come with their own protective gear. They’ve got steel-toed boots with proper traction, braces for their lower backs, durable work gloves, and other items that are essential for performing their labors safely. They also have hand trucks, dollies, and other equipment and tools for quickly transporting heavy, cumbersome loads from place to place. Absent of their help, you and any assistants that you recruit from your own personal circle of family and friends will be stuck doing a tremendous amount of bending and lifting. Movers eliminate the potential for strained joints, stiff necks, sore shoulders, and achy knees. Even after a very short, self-managed move, you’ll likely find yourself needing a few days off to rest and recover. Conversely, a move that’s handled by professionals will allow you to get back to your everyday responsibilities without missing a beat.

There’s also the benefit of moving coverage. Moving and packing companies will insure everything that they box up and transport on your behalf. This coverage offers a specific dollar amount of protection per every pound of goods handled. It can supplement any protections that are provided by your current renters’ or homeowners’ insurance plan. It can even be upgraded to reflect the value of any antiques or other high-priced items that are part of your haul. If you’re planning a quick, in-town move and want to sidestep the risk of personal injury, and take advantage of large, reliable moving trucks, we can help. Get in touch with us today at 913-829-8267 to request an estimate.