Opening a box containing 10 personal care product samples after you’ve completed a long-distance move can be frustrating. You may feel like you paid long-distance movers to move junk across state lines. Whether you’re currently prepping for a move or planning to move in five years, decluttering is an important part of the process. If you choose a moving company to pack, decluttering prior to allowing them to pack will help them spend less time and save you money. Decluttering will help you minimize your belongings and make moving easier and more efficient. It will also improve your quality of life to have a cleaner and more manageable life.

Say No

In our everyday lives, we’re constantly bombarded with ads for the newest and best thing. We’re told we need new products to keep up, but half of those products go unused. Things that go on sale are typically on sale for a reason! Consumerism keeps our homes cluttered and our wallets empty. Sometimes it’s best to say no and stick to the products we know and love.

Speed Clean Nightly

Every night do a speed clean of the house. This can be anywhere from 15-20 minutes. A quick sweep of the house every night will make sure that things stay organized and also help us know what we use and what we don’t need. It will also help you wake up to a clean and fresh start to your day.

Keep Cleaning Supplies Easily Accessible

Keep your cleaning supplies locked and loaded. If you keep them somewhere easily accessible, you’re more likely to keep them stocked and actually use them. This will help you control clutter, as surfaces are easier to clean when they are clear of clutter.

Put It Away

Make sure there’s a dedicated area for organizing daily clutter such as mail, keys, and other paperwork. If you have kids, dogs, or a busy schedule, it’s hard to remember to put all of your possessions away when you finally get home from work. Most days you feel like dropping everything at the door and not looking back until morning. It’s helpful to create spaces that allow you to drop everything in an organized way. These “organized chaos areas”, whether it be a coat rack and shoe organizer, or an entire mudroom, keep clutter in specific areas that help you control it long term.

Bathroom Storage

Bathroom storage is a dangerous game. It’s easy to stock up on samples and hotel shampoos that you’ll never get around to using because you’re saving them for a rainy day. The easiest way to condense your bathroom stock is to find products you love and stick with them. Allow yourself three to four quality products instead of nine or ten products you don’t even like.

Label Storage Bins

Instead of shoving everything in a linen closet or storage space, create labeled bins. Use these bins to identify who the items belong to or what they are to make sure they can be used as needed and are easily accessible. These bins can also be used in closets to label clothing such as bathing suits, t-shirts, and other things you would typically stack on shelves. This will add a lot of ease when locating these items and even more to packing them.

When packing for your move, whether it’s a long-distance move or a short-distance move, minimizing your clutter will save you time and money. If you’re looking for a moving company, reach out to A. Arnold Moving for a quote or even advice on finding the best moving company for you.