Everyone has a moving horror story. Someone’s mother’s cousin’s nephew had a terrible experience and would never use movers again. However, after about three minutes of searching on Google you’ll realize the company they are mad at actually has good reviews. These miscommunications and tragic tales can cause people to rethink their approach to moving and even create hostility towards moving companies. Moving is very stressful and movers can make the process a significantly easier experience. A. Arnold Moving wants to dispel some common moving concerns. Here are some common myths about hiring professional short or long-distance moving companies.

They’re all the same

While moving companies overall perform the same task, this statement is similar to saying you can get your haircut at supercuts and expect the same results as your loyal barber. There are lots of factors to consider when choosing a moving company, such as: experience level, pricing, reliability, and safety. Make sure to compare all of these factors when choosing your short or long distance movers to find the best fit for you.

They’ll Steal and Break your Stuff

Have you ever moved without breaking something? I personally moved myself last year and broke four things that I remember, one being my couch. Unfortunately, accidents can happen, however they happen more often when you don’t use professionals. Professional movers have years of experience with packing and moving items safely. Professional movers like A. Arnold Moving can make sure your items are handled with care and arrive in their original condition. If you’re concerned about lost or damaged items during moving, rest assured because most moving companies like A. Arnold Moving offer moving insurance that covers any items lots or damaged during a move.

Organizing is Unnecessary

Labeling items by room will make the moving process significantly easier for you and your family. If you’re choosing the mover route it’ll make their job even easier; movers are new to your home so they don’t know where things go. It’ll take them longer to find the room where your box belongs. With movers time is money and you’ll pay more if you don’t give them a leg up on how to organize your new home. Labeling is especially important when it comes to fragile items. After moving eight boxes of linens how are they supposed to know the next box is Grandma’s China? Color coded systems normally are the most efficient, but in your move you get to decide how to label.

Do it Yourself, it’s Cheaper

When it’s all said and done and you’ve finished your long distance move, the bill for the moving truck you rented racks up. Not to mention the expense of dollys and other moving supplies. Often unpredictable costs come up in the moving process, and moving yourself can be close to the same price as having a professional moving company like A. Arnold Moving do the heavy lifting for you. Choosing experienced movers can safeguard that no one hurts themselves while moving which is something no one can afford!

A. Arnold Moving hopes to take these myths out of the equation when you’re making your moving decision. A. Arnold Moving specializes in both short and long-distance moving, a reliable option, happy to discuss your moving myths and help you find solutions to all of your moving concerns .