Moving can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Here is a guide to any moving lingo you may need in order to simplify the process. It is easy to believe that you have found an inexpensive moving deal and then once you receive the invoice, you are shocked by the final numbers. This is a very common issue within the moving industry. Another reason why understanding the terms is very helpful and important. A. Arnold Moving wants clients to be satisfied with their moving experiences and happy with a full understanding of expectations and deliverables.

Accessorial charges: Listed charges for services that are considered “extra”, examples of these would be packing or unpacking items during the moving and unpacking process. These charges are in addition to the transportation costs.

Bill of lading: A contract that lists in detail the goods that are being shipped, essentially the bill of lading is a receipt that tracks who has your items and where they are going. This contract is between the moving company and the mover.

Carrier: The mover who is actually carrying your items and securely packing them. At A. Arnold Moving in Olathe, KS our carriers are highly trusted and well trained to make sure your belongings are in the best hands.

C.O.D. (cash on delivery): The expectation that the mover is to be paid immediately after service.

Estimate, binding: A specific, agreed-upon total cost for the move. This agreement is made between the mover and the moving company so the cost can not be more or less than the initial estimate.

Estimate, non-binding: An estimate on the cost of moving that is subject to change. The price can end up being more or less depending on certain factors, example: weight or additional services.

Full-service mover: Relocation companies whose movers pack items from each room in your home and bring them to your new home. Involved in every step of the moving process to ensure the best results.

High-value articles: Property that is more than $100 per pound. Think jewelry or electronics.

Interstate: Moving your property across state lines. This can also be considered a long-distance move. For long-distance moving companies in Kansas City, A. Arnold Moving is rated the best for your buck.

Intrastate: Moving your property within the state. This can either be down the street of to the other side of the state.

Inventory: A list of every piece of your property that is being moved, with details describing the condition before the move as well as who securely boxed them.

Non-allowable list (prohibited items): a list of items considered too dangerous for movers to move. This can be anything from propane tanks to chemicals. Anything that can potentially cause damage to the other items or the movers themselves.

Order for service:  A document that legally authorizes the moving company to transfer your items.

Packing service: A service offered where movers pack your home and belongings before the relocation process begins, then unpacks them once they arrive at the new location.

PBO: An acronym for when the items are Packed By Owner.

Professional Movers: Professional Movers are movers you can trust with your belongings. If you are looking for a company near me or movers in Kansas look no further than A. Arnold Moving.

Quote: The expected price for moving provided by the moving company.

Stair-carry charge (or flight charge): A charge for carriers bringing your item up and down stairs.

Standard coverage: The minimum coverage a moving company will provide for your belongings required by state law.

A. Arnold Moving is happy to serve your moving needs and takes pride in providing a clear and concise description of terms and conditions for full customer satisfaction.