Decluttering is a common first step to the moving process. People comb through their junk drawers, closet spaces, and basements. But something they often overlook is their furniture – the heaviest, most cumbersome (and most expensive) items to move! Some furniture items are well worth the effort, but for others, you’d be better off selling, donating, or giving to a friend. That decision can be difficult, especially when you’ve owned something for 20 years. Here, we’ve compiled a list of questions to ask yourself to hopefully make those decisions just a little easier.

Is it high or low quality?

High-quality pieces of furniture usually cost a pretty penny and are probably worth keeping. These pieces, especially when functional like a table, bed, or dresser, you should count on moving. These make great family pieces that can be passed down from generation to generation. Would it cost more to replace it than it would move it? Sounds like a keeper if so you can hire local movers in Kansas City.

How practical is it to move?

Sometimes, the payoff just isn’t enough to move certain pieces. A solid wood bed frame that takes four people to move and isn’t really your style anymore? This sounds like something to leave behind. Of course, large and heavy items like this can be disassembled for easier transportation, but then you have to worry about keeping track of all the pieces and hardware. These are factors to consider when moving impractical furniture pieces.

Does it have sentimental value?

Whether it’s a china case you inherited from your great grandmother or the long kitchen table your kids grew up with, some things are more important for their sentimental value than for their style or functionality. Hold on to these! Items like this can’t be replaced, and you might regret it if you decide to get rid of it before your move. If you’re worried about a piece surviving the moving process, consider asking a friend or family member to hold onto it until you can figure out a long-term solution. Residential moving companies in Kansas City offer safe transportation for your precious belongings.

Does it fit in your new home?

Chances are you’re not moving into another apartment or house with an identical floor plan. This is something to consider when choosing which furniture to take and which to get rid of. Don’t only ask yourself if it physically fits into the space, also ask yourself if it will fit the style of your new home. Moving homes is a huge transition and can often prompt large stylistic changes. Sometimes embracing the change and letting go of a few pieces can give way for fun opportunities to create a new, fresh space with new pieces in your new home.

Ready to move?

Whether you decide to keep all the furniture you have or only bring certain pieces, hiring a professional moving company can alleviate a lot of stress that comes with the process of moving. Call A. Arnold Moving today to get a quote. Let us help you take the stress out of moving day, and count on us to keep your furniture safe throughout the process of long distance moving in Kansas City