Moving can be a stressful task in itself. But we’ve found a few ways you can reduce moving day stress that are quick and easy with a high payoff. Get organized and maximize your moving day energy by following this list of quick tips in each stage of the moving process with the best movers in Kansas City

Before You Pack:

  • Have a garage or yard sale before you start packing. Minimizing as much as possible before a move is ideal. And what better way than a garage sale to make a quick buck while doing it!
  • Designate one notebook for the whole family to house your “To Do” list. This way, everyone can look and see what tasks need to be completed and can contribute.
  • Do you have a storage unit or any items stored in other locations? This could include your parents’ house, a storage facility, or your workplace. Don’t forget about items not inside your immediate home.


  • It’s a good idea to get rugs and draperies professionally cleaned before your move. These items can accumulate a lot of dirt and dust over time, and you won’t want to track that into your new place.
  • Expecting yourself to be able to move and clean your old home is a lot to ask. Hiring a professional cleaning service can be surprisingly affordable if you find the right company. Search around for a service that will fit your budget. You’ll thank yourself when the moving day arrives.

The Packing Process:

  • As you pack all of your belongings, you will feel inclined to also organize everything. And most of the time, the packing isn’t what takes up the most time, it’s actually the sorting and organizing component that does. Try to time this process out. Tackle one room or section every few days leading up to the move so you’re not rushed.
  • The heavier the item, the smaller the box should be. If it’s already heavy, don’t also make it large by putting it in an unnecessarily large container.
  • Bend at the knee, not in your back. Lifting with your legs will keep you most protected from injury when lifting heavy boxes or furniture.
  • Instead of buying packing materials, consider using linens, towels, or old t-shirts to stuff or wrap boxes.
  • Take advantage of the extra pieces of luggage you will be taking with you. Instead of wasting space by leaving them empty, fill them just like you would fill a box. Just remember to label them so you’ll know where to find things when you arrive at your new home.

Moving Out:

  • If you’ve decided to hire a moving company, make sure your movers have your contact information. Feel free to give them your home, cell, and work phone if you have them. And vice versa, make sure you have your movers’ contact information as well.
  • When moving day arrives, make sure you do a final walk-through of your home. Check every room, cupboard, drawer, and storage closet before you and your professional movers depart.

Moving in:

  • If you’ve hired A. Arnold Moving in Kansas City, make sure to confirm acceptable forms of payment early on in the process. Most movers will not accept personal checks. It’s also a good idea to ask if they have a tipping policy.
  • Most moving companies will require credit card payments to be processed prior to moving day and delivery. Be sure to discuss payment logistics with your movers with plenty of advance.
  • On delivery day, if you happen to notice any damage to your items, be sure to take note of that. Some moving companies have claims adjusters that may be able to help in these situations.

If you’re interested in learning more about how hiring movers would decrease your moving stress, even more, give A. Arnold Moving a call today!