You’re probably in the practice of tipping your server, nail tech, hairdresser, or barber. But would you tip your moving? Including a gratuity for a job well-done is always up to the customer, but it’s expected in some situations and not necessarily in others. Is tipping an expectation for professional local movers? And if it is, how much is customary?

When you choose to work with a full-service moving and relocation company like A. Arnold Moving you choose to entrust all of your belongings including valuables and fragile items. Our professional movers in Kansas City pride themselves in providing top-notch service with an unbeatable standard of care for our customers’ items.

Unlike in a salon or restaurant, tipping movers isn’t necessarily an expectation. But recognizing a great job and quality service is always appreciated. But how do you define expectations when you hire movers for your relocation? Here are a few items to consider when deciding if your movers deserve a tip.

Should you tip?

As things are wrapping up, take a moment to reflect on the day. Did your movers arrive when expected to? Were they on time? Your movers should listen well, ask questions about your preferences, and provide expert advice when needed. Did they reduce your stress about the moving process, or did they increase it? These are some questions to ask yourself when considering a tip for your movers.

If you tip, how much?

When deciding how much to tip your movers, consider the difficulty of the tasks completed that day. How many flights of stairs were they required to climb? Were there any especially large, heavy, or especially difficult items they moved successfully?

Think about the total weight they moved. How long did the project take? What were the weather conditions like? The amount of your tip is entirely up to you if you choose to give one, but it should be something you would consider reasonable based on all these conditions.

When You Decide to Tip Movers

If there is any kind of “industry standard” it would probably be around 5% of your total bill if you feel your movers did an exceptional job. For a move that spans multiple days and long distances, tips can range anywhere from $40 – $200 per person for very large jobs. At the end of the day, your tip should be a direct reflection of how satisfied you are with the work performed.

You’ll need to decide if you’d like to give the tip to the foreman or to each of the movers individually. Some moving companies may have gratuity policies in place. These are usually for the protection of the customer and their workers alike. Also note that the same crew moving you out may consist of the same people who will help move you in, so it can be better to tip individually in this case. Another great way to show your appreciation for your movers is to offer snacks or cold drinks throughout the process, especially if on a hot, summer day.

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