After every move, people say the same thing, “I never want to move again.” Yet life happens.  Moving time has come again. Your lease is up, you want to up or downgrade,  you got the big promotion in another city, or you want to be closer to family. There are millions of reasons for moving and the one that always holds us back is the moving process.

Fortunately, everyone has experienced the moving process so now there are more effective methods for moving. Here is a quick list of helpful tricks that have been trending for moves of all lengths.

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A.  Arnold Moving Tips

  • Packing is a very overwhelming process so the best way to take it is step by step. Now you have to add a new first step to simplify the process. One of the best moving trends of 2022 is this simple hack. Buy duct tape. A different color for each room. Then create a guide with the color tape and a room label. Such as “blue = kitchen”, so anyone helping in the packing and moving process knows exactly what room each box belongs in. Then once you get to the new residence you place that color tape on the doors of the room where those boxes belong. This takes away the confusion of unpacking and simplifies the process.
  • My personal favorite packing tip is simply not to pack. One of the many services movers offers is packing. You have the ability to hire a trained team to safely pack your home and transport it to your new home. This ensures that your more cumbersome items will be safely wrapped and packed with little to no effort on your part.
  • When you start the process of packing the truck, you should pack by the layout of the new house. Pack back to front. Start with the room that will be closest to the front door, but these boxes in the back of the truck. The room that is the farthest from the front door should always go in the front of the truck. This will allow packing to be seamless. While your energy is highest you move the boxes farther and it ensures that you won’t be dodging big objects while blinded by the giant box in your arms.
  • When it comes to the moving process, Whether it’s long-distance moving or moving down the street, the easiest way to save your time, and your back, is by getting movers. Relocation companies are trained professionals who respect your time and property and know the safest and easiest way to move your belongings. This way there’s no heavy lifting and begging your friends and family to help. It’s simple, easy, and the most efficient way to move.

Luckily if you’re looking for moving companies in Kansas City, A. Arnold Moving is ready to make your move as effortless as possible. A. Arnold Moving is both short and long-distance moving company that is well trained in the moving process. They have years of experience that help make your move a breeze.