Moving Company in Olathe: Packing and Moving Tools 101

An experienced moving company in Olathe is well aware of the complexity involved in moving tools, particularly if you have a garage or home workshop that is overflowing with equipment. The majority of tools are pricey, bulky, and difficult to move to a new house. Packing your tools carefully will make it easier for you to unpack them at your new house, ensuring that none get lost.

A.Arnold, a top furniture moving company in Olathe, wants to make your move simple and stress-free. We are more than just a furniture moving company, we move just about anything. Our team is well aware of how important your tools are to you, particularly if you run a business or have an entire garage filled with them. For this reason, we’ve put together a list of guidelines for correctly packing your tools for moving.


Be Prepared

Commercial moving companies in Leawood recommend keeping your tools organized. This will help ensure that none of your tools are lost. Our moving company in Olathe advises clearly labeling boxes so you can place your tools in the appropriate location, which also makes unpacking easier.

Moving Company in Olathe

Remove All Outdated Tools

A.Arnold, a top furniture moving company in Olathe, advises getting rid of any tools you aren’t using. Make piles of things you no longer need, and think about giving them away. Moving can be made easier by selling or donating the tools you don’t use.


Make Sure All of Your Tools Are Clean.

Experts from a local moving company in Olathe advise cleaning your tools before putting them away. Make sure everything has been cleaned thoroughly and that no dirt or gunk remains on the surfaces. This will assist in keeping your new house tidy.



Make Sure That There Is No Fuel or Oil Left in Your Tools

Before packing away your tools, Olathe furniture moving companies advise you to drain any oil or fuel from them. Any tools that contain fuel or oil won’t be transported by many moving companies. If you leave these liquids inside, there may be a fire risk and a significant mess for you to clean up.


Take Out All Blades

Before packing anything into the moving truck, take out the blades from any lawnmowers or other tools. When removing pieces, cover them with rubber guards, and store any saws or blades upright. To prevent lost or broken items, you should also take out any drill bits and package each item separately.

To prevent them from being misplaced or harmed during your move, it is crucial to pack your tools properly. Make sure all of your sharp objects are properly packed and wrapped, and give your boxes clear labels. Maintaining clean tools is also crucial to avoid bringing any oil or grease into your new house.


moving company in Olathe

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Moving Company in Olathe

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