Moving Company in Olathe: A 101 Overview on Delicate Dish Packing–Although moving is always stressful, packing delicate items can be particularly challenging. In particular, dishes are challenging to transport due to their unusual shapes and fragility. Before moving day with a local moving company in Olathe, you most likely have a ton of dishes, glasses, and other tableware to pack up, including bowls, plates, cups, saucers, and cutlery.

You can start cleaning the fine China and special occasion silverware early, but it would be beneficial if you waited until the last minute to wash the main glasses and dishes. Learn how to pack dishes for moving with A. Arnold, a top moving company in Olathe, and what supplies are useful to pack dishes and other kitchenware by reading on.

Moving Company in Olathe: Shifting Dishwasher Boxes

When it comes to secure packaging and transportation, dish boxes or dish barrels are your best friends. Usually including two layers of corrugated cardboard, these dish moving boxes with a local moving company in Olathe are more durable than regular moving boxes. In addition to shielding your dishes, the thicker walls keep the box from crumpling or giving out at the bottom. Even though these barrels cost a little more than standard moving boxes, they are still far less expensive than having your fine China replaced.

Paper for Bubble Wrap and Dish Wrapping

Remember that you’ll also need paper to wrap your dishes and other kitchenware that is delicate. Extra padding during transit with A. Arnold, a moving company in Olathe, can be provided by paper and bubble wrap. If at all possible, stay away from old newspapers as they might smear and discolor your fine China. To keep them safe, your best option is to use paper combined with bubble wrap. You can also use old dishrags and towels.

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Prepare Your Packing Tape

Glass and dish moving boxes can become quite heavy after they are packed, so it’s also essential to purchase high-quality packing tape to secure each box. In fact, expert packers recommend using nothing but packing tape when securing containers that contain valuables that are brittle.

Get the Boxes Ready

It’s time to prepare your dishes after you’ve gathered all the necessary packing materials. Grab your boxes and attach tape to the bottoms so that they reach ⅓ of the slides. By doing this, the bottom portion of the boxes will be strengthened even more to support the weight of the dishes.

Remember to line the bottom of the boxes with crumpled packing paper and wrap the lower portion with bubble wrap. To secure and insulate everything, you can also place an old towel on top.

Encase the Plates
Take the dishtowel paper and place a small portion of it on your kitchen table. After pulling one corner over the plate, repeat the process with the remaining corners, and tuck the ends in. After wrapping the dish, place it on its edge inside the box. Once the bottom layer of covered dishes is in place, cover it with bubble wrap and packing paper before adding another layer of covered dishes.

After the dishes are inside, give the box a little shake to make sure there are no gaps. You may need to add more cushioning if you can hear any movement.

When finished, seal the box, place an additional layer of bubble wrap on top, and tape the lids. To help you remember that you packed breakable dishes in the box, don’t forget to label the top and sides of the box.

Once you have all the dishes and glasses in their boxes, get going on this process again. This is also how your pots, bowls, cups, and saucers should be packed for your move with A. Arnold, a top moving company in Olathe.

How to Move Dishes: The Bundled Plate Approach
Although the previously mentioned approach is likely the most effective, there exists an alternative method for packing glasses and dishes in your moving boxes for a local moving company in Olathe.

If you want to pack your boxes faster and with less space, you might find that the bundled packing method works better for you.

Get some paper plates so that you can begin using this packing method. Next, center a dish on a piece of packing paper, then place a paper plate on top of it. After that, stack about five real plates—first one on top of the other, then a paper plate, then another real plate. After covering the stack with packing paper, secure it with tape.

After that, put them in boxes and make sure there is enough cushioning between them.


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Packing Items That Are Fragile
Although dishes are the first items that come to mind, there are other breakables in the house as well. The following advice will help you pack your other delicate valuables:

  • China and Stemware
  • Take out a sturdy cardboard box.
  • Place the glasses upright and pack the China plates vertically.
  • Use packing paper to cover all the spaces. Divide your stemware and crystals into sections.
  • Items made of ceramic and ornamental glass should be packaged separately.
  • Don’t forget to label the box as “FRAGILE.”
  • Picture frames and artwork
  • Stuff picture frame boxes with every frame and piece of artwork vertically, then load the boxes onto the truck vertically.
  • Cover pricey surfaces with cardboard.
  • Large frames and artwork can also be wrapped with furniture pads.
  • You can use clothes and bedding to fill in the spaces inside the boxes.

How to Package Wine Bottles

When it comes to packing and shipping wine bottles, there are a few advantages to be aware of in order to preserve the flavors and integrity of the contents. Inform your movers ahead of time that you have a wine collection if you are using professional packing services with A. Arnold, a moving company in Olathe, so that the packers are ready.

They’ll make sure the collection is moved carefully, and they’ll probably bring extra sturdy boxes in addition to the usual moving supplies.

To prevent the corks from drying out, if you’re doing it yourself, pack your corked bottles upside down.

Purchasing divider-equipped, distinctive wine packaging boxes is your best bet. These will guarantee that each bottle remains tight and safe within the box. These can be hard to find, so if you can’t find any, you can buy dividers from your neighborhood liquor store and use regular moving boxes instead.

Want Assistance? We Are Here! A. Arnold, a Professional Moving Company in Olathe
Undoubtedly, the most anxious aspect of moving is packing your breakable possessions. You must pack these breakables carefully and skillfully to keep them safe. Alternatively, it might be best to leave them to experts who have the know-how and resources to pack them safely.



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