Every year there is a new ranking of the new best city to move to. The moving trends of 2022 base this list on a variety of different qualities. Moving trends of 2022 are not only about affordability, but also safety, family-friendliness, and how much fun it is to live in each location.

1. The Woodlands, Texas

The Woodlands is in the Houston area and is known for good public schools, an affordable cost of living, low crime, and outdoor activities such as nature preserves and a waterway trolley.

2. Cambridge, Massachusetts

Cambridge has been rated the best city for young professionals in America. Cambridge has affordable housing, bars, restaurants, job opportunities, and a younger population. Cambridge is close to Boston and hosts many elite schools.

3. Naperville, Illinois

Naperville is a Chicago suburb that is considered the best city to raise a family in America. They have some of the best public schools, an affordable cost of living, and a low crime rate.

4. Arlington, Virginia

Arlington is known for being commuter-friendly and having great public transportation. It is right next to DC. It also has both good public schools and nightlife.

5. Overland Park, Kansas

Overland Park is considered the best place to buy a house in America currently. They have good public schools, employment rates, and outdoor activities.

6. Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ann Arbor also made the list of best cities to raise a family in America. The city has affordable home prices, high employment, and some of the best public schools in the country.

7. Columbia, Maryland

Columbia is another hot spot for young professionals and families. They have high employment rates, business growth, job growth, and ranked schools with a low cost of living.

8. Berkeley, California

Berkeley is in Northern California and an easy commute to San Francisco which is right across the East Bay. There are multiple colleges in the area which attract a diverse student body and a great nightlife. Berkeley also has good public schools and a lot of outdoor activities.

9. Plano, Texas

Plano is also one of the best places to buy a home. Over 50% of residents are homeowners. They have public parks and walking trails running all around the city, and the area is known for the health of its residents.

10. Irvine, California

Irvine is a family-focused city that is known for year-round warm weather. They have beaches, parks, and community events. Irvine’s public schools are rated some of the best in the country.

11. Bellevue, Washington

Bellevue is one of the best suburbs in the state of Washington. It’s 20 minutes from Seattle and is considered commuter-friendly. It’s near Washington wine country and Cougar Mountain. They have great public transportations and even provide high school students with unlimited bus cards.

12. Richardson, Texas

Richardson is a diverse, family-focused city with great schools and community events. They have an annual dog dress-up festival in the city.

13. Seattle, Washington

Seattle is the best city for outdoor activities in the country. They have tons of attractions, both indoors and outdoors.

14. San Francisco, California

San Francisco is the second-best city for young professionals in the country. It’s also considered the second healthiest place to live.

15. Madison, Wisconsin

The capital of Wisconsin has good public schools, outdoor activities, nightlife, and affordable housing. The University of Wisconsin is here so there is a mix of families and young professionals.

The moving trends of 2022 recommend these cities as the best for you and your budding families.